140 Years of The Birth of a Myth: The Levi´S 501

Yesterday on May 20 they met 140 years the birth of one of the most iconic garments from the masculine wardrobe: the jeans Levi´s 501. It was the year 1873 when its creators, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, patented pants, work with copper rivets for miners and American Cowboys.

Chosen by the magazine Time as the ‘ Fashion Item of the 20th Century´, Levi´s 501 is a symbol of progress that has been dressed by all sorts of men as heads of the Government, movie stars, businessmen or farmers.

Throughout all these years, the Levi´s 501 It has been able to modify their lines to adapt to the new times without ever losing sight of its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This season, to celebrate 140 years of life, Levi´s brings to the market a few 501 as you’ve never seen them. We show them you!

To commemorate this anniversary, Levi´s launches a collection available in non-denim Green Khaki, blue, red and camel in a tissue of Twill Lightweight and soft to the touch known as ‘ shrink to fit´.

The new 501 they are on sale in stores and online at a price of € 91. There is no doubt that these jeans, regular design and color according to the trends, will be well received by stalwarts of the myth.

Before saying goodbye, we leave you with an interesting video where you can see the mythical pants present in major events of the last 140 years. I hope you like it!