Apple Could Open Doors to Video Games in The App Store Subscriptions

It was only a matter of time before a new mode of acquisition of content reaching the field of applications in the App Store. More specifically to the field of video games, where the same rental dates back years back in time with the proliferation of different specialized sale chains, passing of this way of owning an application from the moment of download and installation, to have access to a complete catalog in Exchange for an amount determined on a monthly basis.

As already happens with magazines, newspapers or music and video such as Netflix, the company services Big Fish Games will be the first who put their entire catalog of games available to the users of the iOS platform through a dedicated application by means of which subscribe to a monthly starting price of 4.99 dollars (3.75 euros) until end of this year, becoming the quota of 6.99 dollars (5.25 euros).

While was Bloomberg, which echoed the news citing textual words of the own Paul Thelen, Big Fish Games founder, Neither the company nor Apple have made the announcement official, by what still does not exist an official date of implementation launched this service or application, for which the same Thelen has announced its next introduction also on Android during the first months of 2012.

Without a doubt, this new method will make it possible to certain titles, considered as “ premium ” given its high cost within the scale of prices set by Apple, to reach a greater number of terminals. On this basis, the vast park of existing iOS devices currently is also an argument when it comes to developing companies try to maximise financial jobs.

If to this we add the possibility of offering a free version of the game platform that incorporates advertising as a method of direct income and a limitation of use of 30 minutes a day, We can count on a fast enough expansion that will help to consolidate the distribution of new content by the method of subscription that has achieved such good results in recent months in other sectors.

Although, as in everything, it will be the general public and the mode in which to welcome this new mechanic that allows you to endure in time or disappear by mutis by the Forum in the most discreet way possible.