Apple Has All The Ballots to Be The Main Seller of Smartphones in 2011

Apple could overtake Nokia as the main seller of Smartphones in 2011, selling 82 percent more iPhones than last year. The expectations of sales speak of 86.4 million phone, almost double that in 2010.

The report comes from Digitimes Research, the arm of the Taiwanese company that is responsible for analyzing the market.

The projection is that Nokia drops a 25.8% 100.3 million Smartphones sold in 2010 to 74.4 million in 2011. In the case of Samsung, Digitimes Research estimates that it will sell a 191.3% higher, reaching 67 million smartphones.

RIM It would be the fourth on the list with 55.7 million BlackBerries and a moderate growth of 12.8%. HTC would be the next on the list with 49.7 million units in 2011.

Forecasts on iPhone were still more a few weeks ago, spoke of 95 million, but with the later departure of iPhone 5 the figure has decreased to 86 million cited.

The Chinese of Huawei and ZTE they will be a major surprise when end of the year, with a large growth in sales, in the case of the first 400% (from 3.3 to 18.7 million), and the second of 330% (estimated to sell 14.2 million).

In total, Digitimes Research estimates that will be sold 462 million Smartphones in 2011, 60% more than last year, with 288 million.

It will take to finish the year and companies to share official sales data, that I turn to remember that we are reporting estimates.