Apple Music: Avoid Costly Bills after the Trial Period [Tip]

Apple limits with 3 months free use of its new music service. How to cancel you Apple Music and avoiding bills after the trial period ends.

Apple Music was launched yesterday, and that is why you probably one out of many that have subscribed to the music service and immediately made use of the free trial period of 3 months to test it and see if it is something for you.

In the long time, you can quickly get to forget that Apple Music begins to charge a monthly amount on either 99 or 149 depending on the subscription you have-and perhaps it is the only plan that you want to use the Apple Music in the first 3 months absolutely free.

With few clicks you can secure yourself against that Apple uplanmæssigt begin to pull money for your not yet withdrew or rescinded Apple Music subscription. On an iPhone or an iPad with iOS 8.4 or later you must follow the steps below to prevent Apple Music is going to cost you money, after the trial period expires.

  1. 1. open the Apple Music and click it on the tiny, bright red with a face icon at the top left.
  2. 2. A popup, “Account”, opens now. Click on “Show Apple id” and log in with your password.
  3. 3. In the section “Subscriptions”, click on “manage”.
  4. 4. A popup, “Apple Music-membership” opens now. Remove the checkmark from the “automatic renewal”.
  5. 5. confirm unsubscribe by clicking the “turn off”.

Apple will now not be allowed to continue your subscription after the trial period is over and you can still stream loose until the expiration date is reached. This date can be found at the bottom of the screen in step 4. With these simple steps so that you avoid Apple Music is going to cost you money without it has been the intention.