Apple: Patent Points to Digital Crown for ipad and iphone

Short has emerged a new patent from Apple before the release of the iphone 7 and the Apple Watch 2. Therefore the Group equips its iphones and ipads in the future may be with a digital Crown in the style of the Apple Watch out.

Control wheel of a la Apple Watch

Round control already known from conventional watches as well as by the Apple Watch. With the small dial located on the side of Apple’s digital clock, to operate the user interface. Now suggests a patent on it, that Apple ipads the so-called digital Crown in its future and builds a iphones.

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Wheels with various functions

Off the document indicating that Apple is considering a move to the metal wheel in other ios devices like the ipad. While the side wheel could assume various functions like for example, the volume control, on and turn off the touch screen, the settings for photo shoots or adjust the text size. The digital Crown shall have in addition four side towers and to use by pressing.

Touch screen over the entire surface

Also the patent points to a rimless display, since the document refers to devices which have no screen border. The rotating input element on the page could replace Home button and allow as a touch screen, which extends over the entire surface. It remains questionable whether the patent actually finds its way in future ios devices. Use the digital Crown iphone in the next 7 is very unlikely.

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