Apple Purchase C3 Technologies and Prepares Its Own Three-Dimensional Mapping Tool

The dependence that Apple has with Google as a result of the use of cartography used for its maps application, it has been a source of controversy and debate from a few months ago, Eric Schmidt left the Board of Directors at Apple and seemed to have opened a deep wound between Google and Cupertino. A dependency that You can see an end in the medium-term future after the acquisition of the company C3 Technologies.

This is the third acquisition made by the Apple company since 2009 in the field of technologies of cartography and the second focused on aspects of mapping in three dimensions from Poly9 purchasing last year. By which it is clear that Apple is involved in the development of its own geo-positioning technology using also an own cartography, which It could well have the aspect that is shown in the video below.

According to the preliminary information, the purchase transaction announced today had its beginning sometime little prociso last year with a estimated 240 million dollar valuation (some 170 million euros at current Exchange), including the three heads of C3 Technologies on Apple payroll, joining the staff of the company that now runs Tim Cook, although operating from its headquarters in Sweden under the name of Division Apple Sputnik.

All these data lead us to think that Apple will finally cut his ties with Google on behalf of the cartographic database obtained its first acquisition, the company Placebase fruit, and awaiting a future version of iOS Maps that you incorporate technology of three-dimensional mapping than developed by the other two companies.