Apple TV: Remote App Turns iphone into a Gamepad

Apple has released an update for the Apple TV remote app. The finished version of tvos officially enters the autumn 2016 and turns the iphone into a game controller for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Most of the features of the new app work but even now. Who want change to nevertheless tvos 10, download the beta in the Apple Developer area.

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Iphone as a gamepad

The update includes a new control option for games on the Apple TV, that works to the iphone to the game controller. To invoke the remote app, users can find a fresh symbol above in Navigation view. Once you choose that and starts the mode, changes the app in the horizontal mode. The touchpad surface in landscape mode is now located on the left side of the iphone, the buttons for the select and the play/pause functions sit on the right hand side. For a better overview, the system hides other features such as the Siri button in the controller mode. Both the gyroscope and accelerometer are the Apple TV as sensors now available.

Siri aboard

In addition to the gaming feature, the new Apple TV remote app copied most of the functions of Siri remote which can be used in the future on the Smartphone. For recommendations on the part of Siri available available if you are looking for specific content in your itunes library.