ASAP Launcher Is a New Launcher That Is out of The Conventional, Designed for Improved Productivity

If you’ve given a ride by Google Play, sure that you ever thought “this is fine, but that is needed here are more launchers for Android”. OK, joking aside, we all know that There are hundreds of launchers on Google Play, and although there are some very good, others are more of the same.

It is very difficult to draw attention in a saturated market, but ASAP Launcher is determined to try. This pitcher has a impeccable appearance and a minimalist philosophy focused on simplifying the application for faster access. If you want to try a pitcher coming out of the traditional, you have front.

Apps drawer, for what?

In ASAP Launcher, everything is within reach of a shift. Appearance is not unlike much other launchers, but when you try to scroll down to see other screens will get a surprise: here each window does a completely different thing. In fact, instead of screens are considered cards, and ASAP Launcher has the following: the time, contacts, home, calendar, and tasks.

Moving sideways you’re alternating between different cards, although if you do travel from the edge of the screen you get a different result. Moving from the right edge access to the quick adjustments, While you get the list of all the installed applications moving to the left edge.

There is, therefore, applications in ASAP Launcher drawer, and making or missing, but the changes don’t end here. Also here you will find a Dock itself, and it is that five icons displayed in the bottom are they automatically chosen from the applications you use most. It is also possible to anchor specific applications will always show even if you do not use them both.

If you decide to try this launcher, keep in mind that this interface using cards and screens is not compatible with widgets, so say goodbye to your favorite widgets. It is however an own widget with the forecast of weather, clock and quick access to the voice search, which includes a section to control the music when you use a player.

ASAP Launcher1.16

  • Version of Android: from 5.0
  • Developer: Tim Clark – Clark IT Consultancy
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization