ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360CA: Fancy Convertible in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The ASUS makes good tempo, no noise and has a long battery life. Three of the main disciplines of the test is the notebook / Tablet combined with flying colors. The chic packed Zenbook is a good choice as a mobile office computer. Weaknesses: As a Tablet, it’s too hard and the keyboard is slightly decrepit. Best price on the Internet: 795,00 EUR * per order this product at Amazon high pace of work sharp, brilliant display very long battery life noiseless, low heat storage expandable, Wi-Fi-ac cons for elaborate games not suitable keyboard bounces when typing something to mark of the editorial 2.19 well user rating now ASUS Zenbook evaluate a flip UX360CA lets the user the choice: he can use Classic with mouse and keyboard or as a Tablet control at your fingertips. How well this is working, and what can do the notebook equipped with Windows 10 / Tablet combo, has our site tested.

ASUS zenbook flip UX360CA: product photos

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Flaps instead disconnect

Is built-in, can not be removed so the display of Zenbook. This saves some weight because the Windows notebook with a battery is content. For Tablet mode, you can easily turn the screen on the back of the keyboard. This is useful, but: as a Tablet, the Zenbook is just as hard (1,344 grams) as well as notebook. On the table that doesn’t bother, makes for longer in your hand the ASUS but little fun.

Video on the subject

The ASUS Zenbook flip is a real Acrobat: either use the device as a notebook or one flips it to the tablet. But how good it is? ASUS Zenbook flip UX360CA in the test: Acrobat with talent?

High contrast display with great color reproduction

Typical for a touch model, the screen has a high gloss finish, which is unfortunately pretty heavily. Besides the full-HD display, but (1920 x 1080 pixels) convinced: the appearance is full of contrasts, it exactly reflects colors and the composition is fast enough for action videos. The touchscreen works quite precisely, just like the large touchpad. The keyboard is, however, not entirely convinced. You rebound quite strongly back when typing. Frequent and quick match prediction must adapt to a slight rattle.

Fast and quiet

In the Zenbook a processor model from Intel’s current Skylake series is however not a core i, but a core of m. The core of m3-6Y30 is trimmed so much on power saving, he needs no fan for cooling. Pleasant side effect: the Zenbook is inaudible. That the processor with less power produces slightly less power than a core-i model, was barely noticeable in the test. Even with the photo and video editing, the Zenbook made a good touch.

Notebook-Tablet packages (convertibles) in the test

Long battery life

Also the graphics chip inside the processor. He is fast Fürs works and video look enough, graphically rich games run out of steam go out but him. More than 21 frames per second were not inside the test even with older games and reduced resolution. Welcome side effect of the low power consumption: the battery lasts longer. The Zenbook are good five hours without mains socket. Prima: The charger is small, lightweight and loads correctly fix. After just over an hour, the battery was full again.