Attractions in Denmark

By | November 29, 2021

Let yourself be enchanted by the Kingdom of Denmark! The island kingdom of Denmark has a coastline of more than 7000 km due to its rugged bays. The 1419 Danish islands are an attraction, some of them barely more than 100 square meters in size. The cultural and economic center of the country is the capital Copenhagen with the old town, the museums and numerous monuments as tourist attractions. On a study tour you will visit the most important sights such as the Cathedral of Roskilde, the first Gothic cathedral to be built in brick; Rosenborg Castle in Denmark; the little mermaid trademark for Copenhagen; Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark; Frederiksborg Castle on Zealand, and other attractions such as the yeast district Nyhavn and probably the most famous amusement park in the world, Tivoli, known for its fairground attractions, water features, a lake and several restaurants. Do not miss a round trip through Denmark!


Fairytale town on fairytale island

According to YOUREMAILVERIFIER, Pippi Longstocking was a Swedish child, but she would have felt at least as comfortable in Aeroskobing on the Danish island of Aero. Aeroskobing is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic cities in Denmark and it is not without reason that it is nicknamed the fairytale town. The small town with 925 inhabitants is located on the north coast of the island.

The history of the historic capital goes back to 1250, at least as far as the road system is concerned. Aeroskobing was not mentioned by name until the 15th century. Today the city is a listed building and is the recipient of the Europa Nostra Prize, which is awarded for special achievements that serve to preserve the cultural heritage.

Untouched nature and picturesque houses

Denmark vacationers arriving by ferry on Aero for the first time are greeted with a feeling of cozy nostalgia. Time seems to have stood still on the old seafaring island. Not only does the untouched nature with its windmills contribute to this, but also the enchanting half-timbered houses and the colorful beach huts. In general, you feel like you’re in a museum in Aeroskobing. Cobblestones run through the picturesque old town with its simple half-timbered and brick houses, whose decorated front doors turn out to be true works of art. The high level of blacksmithing is evident in the variety of door handles alone. The town hall market with two old water pumps that once ensured the city’s water supply is considered by many to be the most beautiful in all of Denmark. It is also worth taking a look at the Gothic town church with its famous organ from 1881. Thanks to the great acoustics, the concerts become a listening experience.

Museums of a special kind

As small as aeroscobing is when it comes to museums, the city does not spoil it. There is a doll museum just around the corner from Rathausplatz and the Aero Museum and the Regional Museum are nearby. Both deal with the history of the island. And a few steps further, the bottle ship museum attracts with 1700 ship models. The seaman Flaske-Peter (1873-1960) had them built on board during his off watch.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov moated castle – a living castle

Egeskov Castle is located on the Danish island of Funen and, with its towers, gardens and the exciting knight’s hall, is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Europe. The castle, which is Fyn’s most famous tourist attraction, is idyllically located in a huge park that has already received various awards. In addition, Egeskov, with its colorful halls and beautiful castle park, is one of the few Danish castles that are still inhabited today.
Every year the moated castle and the associated gardens attract 200,000 tourists. Not only the country estate with its 200 windows and 66 rooms has an impressive history – some of the up to eight meter high hedges in the park are almost 300 years old.

The castle offers visitors and especially families with children exciting experiences for several days. There are several unique museums and collections to marvel at, including the interesting classic car museum and Titanias Palace, a large dolls house.

From doll clothes to engine oil

Old things are like adult toys. Egeskov Water Castle has eight different exhibitions and museums with hundreds of impressive items. The spectrum ranges from the Cadillac of King Christian X to ambulances in the Falck Museum to the charming dolls and charming clothes of the French Queen Marie-Antoinette.

An eventful day in the play forest

Who has time to play a whole day in everyday life? In the play forest of Egeskov, families can have fun for many hours, explore the large labyrinth, go for walks in the forest and try out the playgrounds. Children can test their strength in soap box races, walk on stilts or challenge their parents in a tug of war. There is always something new to discover and you can feel the special atmosphere of the park everywhere.

Egeskov Castle with its many attractions and scary stories is an experience for the whole family. The picturesque moated castle, the impressive gardens and the exciting exhibitions offer families a whole day full of games, excitement and adventure.

Attractions in Denmark