Attractions in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

By | July 25, 2022

Sharjah is deservedly called the “architectural capital of the Emirates.” Here you will see many cultural monuments that give a visual representation of the past of the country. On the shores of the Khalid Lagoon lies the oldest district of the emirate – Meredzha, which is the museum treasure of the UAE; pleasing to the eye and modern buildings, which have incorporated into their appearance the unique originality of oriental traditions and the rhythms of today.

This fully applies to the buildings of the Archaeological Museum, the Cultural Center, the complex of government offices and the Pink Mosque, next to which is the Quran monument, which is the national pride of the UAE. Here in Sharjah, you can get to know the King Faisal Mosque, one of the largest in the Middle East, it can accommodate up to 3,000 people.

The tourism potential of this dynamic emirate is quite impressive, as Sharjah offers a wide variety of hotels with great food and a wide range of sports, from the traditional cricket favorite here to surfing and scuba diving.

In addition, every year hundreds of thousands of guests of the emirate from all over the world take part in the events of the local Expocentre, which impresses with the thematic diversity of its numerous fairs and exhibitions. An important resort area of ​​the emirate of Sharjah is Khorfakkan with its beautiful beaches and water activities.

According to, the Natural History Museum is a 20-minute drive from Sharjah. Antiquities discovered during archaeological excavations will clearly reveal to you the stages of the evolutionary development of the UAE.

Roundabout of Culture (surrounded by the Archaeological Museum, the Cultural Center, the building of government offices and the “Pink Mosque”), in the center of which is the monument “Koran” – a symbol of faith, is the national pride of the UAE.

The history of Sharjah begins from ancient times, when relations with the East were just emerging. By the early 19th century Sharjah was the most important seaport in the lower Persian Gulf. The discovery of natural gas fields has led to fundamental changes in the life of this region. The level of participation of Sharjah in the field of trade and tourism has increased. Today you will find in Sharjah the widest choice of various hotels with beautiful beaches, varied cuisine, excellent opportunities for practicing various sports. The landmark of the city can be called commercial markets built in the Islamic style, such as Sharjah and Al-Manara. The city has many recreational areas, parks and museums such as Al Jazeera Amusement Park, Al Buheira Waterfront, Sharjah Science Museum and Learning Centre. The city is also famous for its huge number of mosques.

Among other Emirates, Sharjah is famous for its markets. In addition to the Old Market and the Fish and Vegetable Market, a new market was completed in 1970 on the shores of the Gulf of Khalid. The complex resembles an old railway train with sloping blue roofs, a richly decorated façade and golden chimneys. The new market was built in 1987. This more restrained and stylish building with a golden dome and a facade trimmed with gray stone and cast-iron lanterns is also located on the banks of the spit. There is also an amusement park with rides and souvenirs.

Sharjah is a lively city with numerous markets. Particularly picturesque is the multi-colored old textile market, the fruit and vegetable market, and the fish market. Ancient houses, restored in the recent past, stand in their original form with coral inserts in the walls. Relics of the romantic past are collected in the Ajman Museum.

Near the city there is an amazing lagoon with picturesque parks and gardens. The 100-meter-high fountain spouting from the center of the lagoon is no less famous than the Geneva fountain on Lake Leman. The Sharjah Expo Center attracts over 500,000 visitors annually with its exhibitions and fairs. No less popular is the stadium where cricket tournaments are regularly held with the participation of teams from different countries.

Al Arsah Souk “( Al Arsah Souk) – known for traditional Middle Eastern spices, carpets, incense and handicrafts. Here it is easiest to find the most authentic model of the Arab dhow boat, a traditional oriental set of coffee utensils and, of course, “khanjars” – the famous Arabian daggers.
Al Majarrah Souk “(Al Majarrah Souk) – a new market located along the waterfront, a pleasant enough place for shopping. Here you can choose good fabrics or silver souvenirs.

The landmark of the city can be called commercial markets built in the Islamic style, such as Sharjah and Al-Manara. The city has many places of recreation, parks and museums, such as Al Jazeera amusement park, Al Buheira waterfront.

Next to the market rises the largest mosque in the UAE named after King Faisal, which can accommodate 3,000 worshipers at the same time. The mosque is located on King Abdulaziz Street. Sharjah also has an amusement park located on an island in the Khalid Lagoon. A modern archaeological museum has been created in the city, giving an idea of ​​the ancient history of the Emirates. One of Sharjah’s newest attractions is the Golden Souk (market) in the Yarmuk district, distinguished by its architecture and interior decoration. Like the Central Market, the Golden Souq is considered one of the masterpieces of modern Islamic architecture.

Sharjah is the only “dry” state in the UAE, which not only prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages, but even their presence in your luggage is considered a criminal offense. The rulers of Sharjah are close to the ruling house of Saudi Arabia, which considers itself the main zealot of the purity of Islam. Therefore, the requirements of the Koran in Sharjah are observed in all strictness, including foreign tourists.

In the aviaries of the unique reserve “Wildlife Center”, located in the emirate, you will discover many species of animals and plants of the Arabian Peninsula, which are on the verge of extinction, including the famous Arabian leopard.

Sharjah has many fine hotels with rich international cuisine. But we should not forget that Sharjah is a non-alcoholic emirate. You will not find alcoholic beverages even in the hotel bars.

Attractions in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates