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There are a huge number of hotels in the Karon Beach area, both on the seafront and a little deeper inland.


Flights and trips to Phuket

A lot of package tours are organized to Karon Beach from Finland. All major tour operators have packages that include flights, accommodation and airport transfers. Karon Beach is also a popular winter season Late destination .

Flight connections from Finland to Phuket are good. Phuket International Airport is located at the north end of the island, about a 45-minute drive from Karon Beach. From the airport, destinations can be conveniently reached by airport bus or taxi.

The direct flight from Helsinki to Phuket takes about 13 hours. However, some tour operators only have direct flights, so when traveling on a scheduled flight, the travel time is extended due to stopovers. The machine usually needs to be replaced once.

Flight prices vary a lot depending on the season and the number of stopovers. At its cheapest, a round-trip flight with two stopovers costs about 500 euros. During the high season, flights cost between 800 and 1,200 euros.

Versatile accommodation options

Karon Beach has no shortage of accommodation options. Accommodation can be found from side to side – the offer varies from high-quality spa hotels to backpacker hostels and affordable inns.

A night in a good standard hotel in Karon Beach costs around 50-100 euros. However, at its cheapest, accommodation can be found for as much as 10-40 euros. Phuket’s price level is higher than many other destinations in Thailand, but on the other hand, competition keeps accommodation prices reasonable.

Getting around on site

All the main services of Karon Beach are within walking distance of each other, making everyday life easier for the holidaymaker. When walking, it’s good to remember that there is left-hand traffic in Thailand.

Longer journeys can be made by taxi, minibus or tuk-tuk. However, it is worth noting that there is a local taxi mafia in Phuket that keeps prices high. Also in the Karon Beach area, drivers are on call with ready-made price lists that don’t help to compromise. Sometimes you are asked for more on the price list.

For more freedom of movement, you can rent a scooter or motorbike. When renting a bike, you should check the condition carefully and find out about insurance issues. It is always advisable to wear a helmet and follow the traffic rules.



Karon Temple is a colorful sight along a busy street.

Karon Beach

The biggest attraction in Karon is the beach itself. Five kilometers of fine sandy beach, swaying palm trees and a turquoise sea are enough for many people for the whole holiday. From Karon Beach, you can also walk to both Kata Beach and Patong Beach, which are located in two opposite directions.

At the southern end of the beach is a coral reef whose life can be explored with the help of snorkels. Karon Beach also has a better chance of finding a peaceful shop than the neighboring beaches of Patong and Kata.

Karon Temple

Religion and culture are important things for Thais. Spirits are believed to be present everywhere and are revered in temples, among others. Karon Beach has one bigger temple, Wat Suwan Khiri Khet, or Karon Temple. It is centrally located in central Karon, close to Patak Road.

When visiting the temple, you should respect the customs of the locals and cover your shoulders and knees.

Karon Lookout

During the beach days, you can visit the amazing scenery from a higher angle. Karon Lookout is located in the hills of southwestern Phuket, close to Naiharn Beach. From here you can see Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches. There are also well-kept gardens and a sheltered landscaped pavilion.

Big Buddha

A large Buddha statue at an altitude of 400 meters can be seen from Karon Beach. About 45 meters high, a seated, marble Buddha is located in a religiously important place. The road lined with bells leads to the destination and a magnificent view opens from the top.

The taxi ride from Karon Beach to the Buddha takes about 45 minutes. Special care should be taken when traveling up with your own vehicle.



Karon Beach has the best beach conditions from December to March.

The best attractions in Karon Beach

  1. Karon beach
  2. Karon Temple
  3. Karon Lookout
  4. Big Buddha

The best activities in Karon Beach

  1. Bathing and sunbathing
  2. Snorkeling and diving
  3. Pampering treatments
  4. Shopping
  5. Excursions to the rest of Phuket