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Glamping at River Kwai, Jungle Rafting and Koh Kood

Experience Bangkok’s big city noise and then on for glamping and raft accommodation in Kwai. Ride a mountain bike and listen to the guides who tell the story of River Kwai. Finish on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Kood. After a couple of days in the metropolis of Bangkok, the journey continues north to… Read More »

Russia Morphology

The region extending from eastern Europe to the Urals is essentially formed by a single large plain (Russian or Sarmatic plain) which, from a geological point of view, rests on a rigid, Precambrian crystalline substrate. However, this basement is not intact, but fractured, faulted and therefore divided into blocks which are at the origin of… Read More »

Poland Politics

According to the new constitution approved by referendum on May 25, 1997 (in force since October 17, 1997), Poland is a democratic constitutional state; the social market economy is constitutionally guaranteed. The catalog of fundamental rights, which also includes the protection of minorities, corresponds to international human rights standards. A citizens ’rights ombudsman (elected by… Read More »

Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape (World Heritage)

The cultural landscape of the Orkhon Valley lies in the Changai Mountains on both sides of the Orkhon River. The river is the lifeline of the region and has been nomadic land since time immemorial. The world heritage also includes archaeological sites such as Karakoram. The city was built by Genghis Khan in 1220 and… Read More »

Bordeaux, France Overview

Bordeaux – The wine town in the French west Bordeaux is what you would call a polyglot city. Especially in the St. Michel quarter, many people from the south, such as Spaniards and Portuguese, or from further afield, such as black Africans and Arabs, have found their new home here. Abbreviated as BDX by Abbreviationfinder,… Read More »

Budapest, Hungary City History

The area around Budapest was already inhabited around 2000 BC. At 10 BC The area west of the Danube, today’s Óbuda district, was settled by the Romans, who built the Aquincum fortress there in 19 BC. The new province was named Pannonia Inferior. The fortress became the seat of the Roman governor. After the fall… Read More »

Beijing – The “Forbidden City”

It is the two syllables “běi” and “jīng” that make up the name of the Chinese capital. They mean “northern capital” and are part of the East Asian tradition of calling capital cities what they are. But Beijing is just one of the many names the city was known by. It also had names such… Read More »

Nepal Travel Warning

Bandhs / strikes Basically, “bandhs” (forced strikes of any kind) called at short notice in Nepal at any time, including in the Kathmandu Valley, and blockades / roadblocks must be expected; sometimes these are also enforced by force. The latter also applies to so-called transport strikes these protest actions seriously disrupt or paralyze public life… Read More »

Pakistan Travel Warning

Current information The Pakistani security forces have stepped up their crackdown on terrorist and extremist forces in the country. In particular, operations against terrorists and extremists in North Waziristan are continuing. As revenge attacks by terrorist elements can be expected across the country against this background, particular attention should be paid to security aspects when… Read More »

Transportation in Chile

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane According to youremailverifier, Chile’s national airline is called LAN Airlines (LA) (Internet: It flies daily from Frankfurt via Madrid to Santiago de Chile. Lufthansa (LH) offers feeder flights from all cities in Germany and from Austria to LAN long-haul flights. Swiss International (LX) serves as a feeder from Switzerland.… Read More »

Transportation in China

ON THE GO Traveling by plane The airplane is indispensable for long distances in domestic traffic. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is the umbrella organization of the three main airlines Air China (CA) (Internet:, China Southern Airlines (CZ) (Internet: / en) and China Eastern (MU) (Internet:, which connect over 150… Read More »

Bolivia Everyday Life

Life in the highlands Many Indians live in the Andes highlands. They have partly retained their traditional way of life. They still prefer to wear their colorful clothes rather than t-shirts or suits. It is woven from the wool of alpacas or llamas. The clothes have geometric patterns. Sometimes they depict animals or figures. The… Read More »

Great Britain Overview

Great Britain – Queen, Beatles and Big Ben England is often equated with Great Britain, but this is fundamentally wrong: Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. Together with Northern Ireland it is then the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK = United Kingdom)”. Great Britain’s cultural heritage is indisputably great.… Read More »

Madeira Entry and Exit Regulations

Formalities, visas German nationals can enter Portugal and therefore Madeira with a valid passport or identity card. German child ID cards are recognized without restriction; Children under the age of 16 can also enter if they are entered in the passport of an accompanying parent. Since Portugal is part of the Schengen area, there are… Read More »

Pemberton, Northcliffe & D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Pemberton & Northcliffe are located in D’Entrecasteaux National Park in the south-west of Western Australia . Both Pemberton and Northcliff are in the center of the Southern Forests , where one dense eucalyptus forest joins the other. The D’Entrecasteaux National Park and Windy Harbor, on the other hand, enjoy the refreshing proximity to the coast… Read More »

Kuwait History and Politics

The early history of what is now Kuwait Great discoveries have been made on Failaka, the only still inhabited island in today’s Kuwait state. Based on archaeological finds, it is assumed that people lived there many thousands of years ago and that the island was an important port of call for sea trade in the… Read More »

Eating in Brazil

What do you eat in Brazil? Brazil is a very large country, after all the fifth largest in the world. What Brazilians like to eat is therefore not the same everywhere. Even in a much smaller country like Germany, there are many differences from region to region. Brazil’s cuisine is influenced by its long history… Read More »

Richmond Virginia Travel Guide

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is no longer known only for its eventful history. Modern museums and cultural institutions, festivals, trendy shops and boutiques, culinary delights, numerous breweries, first-class restaurants, beautiful gardens and outdoor adventures on the James River make Richmond particularly interesting for young people. With a total population of 197,790 according to allcitycodes,… Read More »

Travel to French Polynesia

FRENCH ELEGANCE MEETS THE RELAXED LIFESTYLE OF THE SOUTH SEAS French Polynesia, the French overseas territory in the South Pacific, lies pretty much in the middle between South America and Australia . The archipelago of volcanic origin consists of 118 islands such as Bora Bora , Tahiti and Moorea . Typical are the coral-lined lagoons… Read More »

Travel to Vanuatu

VOLCANOES, BEACHES, UNDERWATER WORLDS Like almost all islands in the South Pacific, the Vanuatu Group is a dream destination for nature lovers . Colorful coral reefs , the active Yasur volcano and pristine rainforest await you on the island of Tanna , which is the perfect starting point for your South Sea adventure. The main… Read More »

Hotels For Valentine’s Day

Soon it will be that time again: Valentine’s Day, the day of all lovers, is just around the corner. Some of you love it, while others get a cold chill when they think of the kitschy heart decorations that can already be bought on every corner. But how about using this day as an occasion… Read More »

Before the trip to Mexico

Mexico is a different country. Its history differs from ours, as does its culture and mentality. As a visitor, it is important to adapt your behavior, but also to be flexible in your expectations. We must therefore be prepared for the fact that even the most well-planned ingredients in our trip to Mexico may be… Read More »

Dubai and more

Experience Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Fujairah In Dubai you can golf in the morning, swim during the day and finish skiing in the evening. First-class food, wonderful beaches and endless activities await you here! Dubai and neighboring Emirates are not similar to other destinations. Dubai itself is a big city where different nationalities… Read More »

Sights in Chalkidiki

Not only are the numerous Greek islands a popular holiday destination, the Chalkidiki peninsula is also playing an increasingly important role with tourists. It is a region in the north of Greece known for its three finger-like headlands. In addition to great beaches, there are also beautiful places and cultural highlights to discover on Chalkidiki.… Read More »

Attractions in Australia

Australia combines many desires of tourists and locals alike. The vast country, the many natural spectacles, the species-rich flora and fauna, but also the various large cities with gigantic architecture are just some of the attractions, which is why over six million people visit the 5th continent every year. The country of Australia is located… Read More »

Tivat – Montenegro’s own Monaco

In Tivat, glamor and expensive life are not far away, as the renovated port city surprises the tourist with its splendor. Tivat is full of the glamor of expensive life, streamlined yachts, luxury hotels, but also beautiful scenery and Finnish small villages. Luxury yachts and beaches Tivat is a small beach town on the picturesque Bay… Read More »


FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT ON KARON BEACH There are a huge number of hotels in the Karon Beach area, both on the seafront and a little deeper inland. Flights and trips to Phuket A lot of package tours are organized to Karon Beach from Finland. All major tour operators have packages that include flights, accommodation… Read More »

Trips to Java

In Java, you are in the heart of Indonesia. The country is like a melting pot of Indonesian history, culture and nature. In Java, you can experience Indonesian highlights from thousands of years old shrines to smoky volcanoes. Why travel to Java? Java is an Indonesian island that is part of a “ring of fire”… Read More »

Albania Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense Albania is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Tirana. Following the fall of the Communist regime in 1991, Albania has endeavored to establish good relations with the West. The country was adopted as a member of the NATO defense alliance in 2009 and applied for membership in the… Read More »

Andorra Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense Andorra is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Andorra. Andorra has close relations with Spain and France. The Principality is not an EU member, but has a number of cooperation agreements with the Union and the euro is now the official currency in the country. The same year… Read More »