Blackberry DTEK50 in the Test: Safest Android of the World Secure?

Test conclusion: what you should know

That behind the hardware of the new blackberry Alcatel mother TCL is actually free! Because the basic technology (bright screen, decent camera) is the DTEK50, possibly battery and speed could be better. But, much more importantly: finally takes a manufacturer of the tiresome topic of security at (Android) Smartphones. No one has so consistently trimmed hard – and software security. So, the blackberry DTEK60 is currently the safest Android Smartphone. Only the back plastic not quite fits blackberry. Best price on the Internet: 235,95 euros * per order this product at Amazon sharp full-HD display convincing stereo speaker with good surround sound simple and promising security concept enduring battery contra Smartphone scaffolding from the OEM Tray mediocre camera back looks cheap test note of the editorial 2.56 satisfying user rating now to review every week felt threatened a new vulnerability the Android world. Only the newly appeared quadrooter gap includes theory of 900 million Android smartphones equipped with Qualcomm processors. Since the blackberry DTEK 50 comes just at the right the safest according to manufacturer Smartphone in the world. What’s behind the claim? And how is it reflected in the test?

Particularly safe? Pictures of the blackberry DTEK50

DTEK50: the three pillars of security

How come that under the code name Hamburg become DTEK50 known the special safety honor? The simplified principle: Three pillars to ensure best possible protection. Fast security fixes that secure gaps benefits on as soon as possible again are the first cornerstone. As soon as possible in this case means: every month. The Priv past confirmed the claim. Only Google is snappier in update queries. In the recent past, Canadians were but a few times time ahead the OS Primus. Support number two should be certain processes in the production of hardware. The changes in the Interior are difficult to prove for a technology-editorial. It go after blackberry, but the system noticed changes in the hardware. Was from the outside when the chips helped to around to scan the contents, is to deny the DTEK50 when you start the service.

DTEK: needle in the security cluster found

The most obvious security feature, however, is the pre-installed DTEK app. The guide examines the system for vulnerabilities that quickly open up benighted users, if for example the lock screen without password can be push away or the developer mode is enabled. Three colour-coded protective shields at more than ten control points indicate the status: red in this case stands for a to unsafe setting, yellow for need to optimise safety and at a green sign also the precise intelligence of this world breathe peace of mind. Still not been there in this form in the middle class: the special monitoring and control functions in the management of your apps. Moreover they all have about the Google play store under your control and literally installed apps. In depth statistics, learn more about the data vampire information thirst: what permissions whatsapp actively use, where and when Twitter finally tracked you accesses demonstrates on a Google map and how often Facebook on your data. Just anticipate it: the result surprised more than a thousand hits a day are indeed not uncommon. In the dangerous world of Android, that’s an interesting approach. Because the DTEK50 6.0 Marshmallow based completely on Android, the blackberry OS past is history (for now). It seems blackberry would actually keep his full-bodied promise. First clue is the quadrooter gap beginning August 2016 closed two days.

Video on the subject

Blackberry brings a new smartphone on the basis of the Alcatel with the DTEK50 Idol 4 but the software is apparently so sure as never before. Blackberry DTEK50: The safest Android phone?

Design: twin brother at Alcatel

The software is actually the most interesting and probably the biggest new feature of the blackberry DTEK50. A nearly identical Smartphone is already a few months on the market available: the Alcatel Idol 4. The little brother of the idol 4S comes from the Chinese manufacturer TCL, which produces the technically almost identical Smartphone now available to Canadians. It is clear: there is no room in the DTEK50 for a traditional blackberry keyboard. That a Catcher is surrounded by a curved metal frame visually by the way at the first glance, where the upper and lower end depending on a speaker provides a surprisingly good spatial stereo sound. The back of the Fliegengewichts (132 grams at 147 x 72, 5 x 7, 4 millimeters) is that the biggest difference between Idol 4 and DTEK50 of a grooved plastic plate is. Thus, blackberry does not win a design award. Too cheap is the plastic that is rough and too unwieldy full after a long time. The full HD screen inserted in the frame (1920 x 1080 pixels) provides solace. The 5.2 customs are colourful and be pleasing contrast of a LCD Panel. The sharpness is no problem: the device comes to a good pixel density of approximately 424 ppi. The display even with the muscles play in direct sunlight. The system adjusts the backlight automatically, record 938,4 candela per square meter spotlight the user. Brighter, currently no other smartphone is strong!

Alcatel Idol 4: Twin of the Blackberry DTEK50 in the Practice Test

Technology: DTEK slows down

Inside the Chinese manufacturer relies on the 617 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. The middle-class CPU cycles up to 1.5 gigahertz, the idol 4 has over 200 megahertz. The computing work consisting of eight-core receives support from a 3 gigabyte (GB) large amounts of RAM. Values where Smartphone Experts yawn the idol 4 by Alcatel has the identical (!) Interior. However, delays in the operation are noticeable there unlike the twin brother. Through the continuous and uninterruptible DTEK scan in the background, the system feels noticeably carrier. Asphalt Nitro no personal bests are also possible with the light but constant jerking. Look at the benchmarks is therefore interesting: Antutu Announces 42.305 points. When the idol 4’s are 46.027 points in the same high-performance tests. Geekbench refused service on the other hand what is expected on the safety regulations or the still not carried out market launch. The Alcatel counterpart was in the test 720 single – and multi-core 2,949 points. The DTEK50 might cut something weaker. As a result both in terms of management between the Galaxy S4 and S5 a. Arrange themselves

Blackberry Priv: Android Smartphone in the Practice Test

Camera: Flash illuminates Selfies

Two cameras are In the blackberry DTEK50 front are 8 mega pixel ready, back in the middle-class standard 13 megapixel. Goods: Lit on both sides an LED flash the environment just for Selfies is the one not to be underestimated advantage over other mid-size competitors. Otherwise the blackberry with the cameras not great excels itself, nor does something wrong here or at the idol 4 manufacturer TCL. The camera lens spotted enough light, the photos in many cases succeed. It is dark, unsightly noise to cloud the snapshots to currently have a Smartphone typical problem.

Memory card space bottleneck

Amounted to 16 gigabytes of internal memory, effectively are only 7.6 gigabytes free. Troubleshoot any place with a up to 200 gigabytes large microsd memory card. With mah 2.610 the non-replaceable battery is measured generously on the technique. Long term tests show that the always in the background of DTEK app sucks the energy faster than intentionally empty: 8 hours and 42 minutes in intensive use are just fine, for business people and time surfer is but too little. For like the integrated quick charger, Wireless charging is missing however,.


Blackberry DTEK50: prices and availability

The blackberry DTEK50 is available from mid August 2016 in Germany. For 339 euro’s moves over the counter. Curious: So the new blackberry smartphone is Idol 4 10 euros more expensive than the Alcatel (EIA: 329 euro).

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