Bordeaux, France Overview

By | August 16, 2021

Bordeaux – The wine town in the French west

Bordeaux is what you would call a polyglot city. Especially in the St. Michel quarter, many people from the south, such as Spaniards and Portuguese, or from further afield, such as black Africans and Arabs, have found their new home here.

Abbreviated as BDX by Abbreviationfinder, Bordeaux is the political, economic and cultural center and the most important wine trading center in western France. The most important economic factor is the port. Even if the sea is almost 100 kilometers away from the city center, the port has almost ideal conditions: The sea tongue, the Gironde, which extends as far as Bordeaux and into which the Garonne and Dordogne flow, makes the inland port sufficiently safe from the Storming the Atlantic. Even the largest ships can pass the Gironde and enter the port of Bordeaux.

For centuries, the main commodity has been wine, which is produced here by the winegrowers of the Bordelais and is shipped all over the world. The good climatic conditions and the ideal soil for growing grapes help to produce some of the best wines in the world every year. As a large branch of industry, the wine trade has created many other associated suppliers. Bottles, corks and packaging material have to be produced for the large number of hectoliters of wine. In addition to wine production, the aerospace industry is represented in Bordeaux with supra-regional importance.

Bordeaux also has a lot to offer culturally. Above all the Grand Théâtre, which was built by the Parisian architect Victor Louis as a masterpiece of the late 18th century. The city is also endowed with a prestigious university and the seat of the archbishop. The bordelais archbishop Bertrand de Got became Pope Clement V in 1305.

Information that applies to the entire country in which the city is located, e.g. currency, entry regulations, health issues, etc., can be found under France.

Name of the city Bordeaux
Name in German Bordeaux
Country France
Landmark The big cloche
Location Bordeaux is located in southwest France near the Atlantic.
Function of the city Bordeaux is the administrative center of the Aquitaine region and the Gironde department.
Surface 50.00 km² (actual city)
551.00 (agglomeration)
Population Approx. 219,000 (actual city)
Approx. 660,000 (agglomeration)
Ethnicities In France, a survey of the different distribution of ethnic groups is not usually customary.
Languages French
Main religions In France, due to the secular form of government, a survey of religious affiliation is usually not customary.
National currency Euro (1 € = 100 cents)
Rivers Garonne
Elevations or mountains The western side of the Garonne is on a plateau and thus significantly higher than the eastern part of the city.
Lakes Bordeaux Lac
Official homepage
Tourist center Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux
12 cours du XXX Juillet 33080 Bordeaux Cedex Tel: 0033 – (0) 556 – 00 66 00
Fax: 0033 – (0) 556 – 00 66 01
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.
Telephone code with country code 0033 – (0) 5 – participant number
Time compared to CET CET applies.
Line voltage, line frequency 220 volts and 50 hertz
License plate of France F.

City peculiarities

The city of Bordeaux is the world’s wine capital. Around Bordeaux there are a total of 14,000 wine producers, 117,514 hectares of wine-growing areas and 400 wine merchants. The world’s most famous Bordeaux wines include the following designations of origin: Haut-Médoc, Listrac, Médoc, Margaux, Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Blaye, Côtes de Blaye, Côtes de Bourg, Saint-Emilion, Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Pomerol, Cadillac, Entre-Deux-Mers, Loupiac, Graves, Pessac-Léognan and the famous Sauternes.

The cruiser called Colbert is in the harbor. The decommissioned warship of the French Navy now serves as a museum in which life on board a warship can be traced.

Celebrations and events

The annual largest public fair in May is the book fair ( Salon du Livre ), which deals with different topics.

The Bordeaux Jazz Festival takes place in November. (Internet:

The Bordeaux Wine Festival also takes place annually from June 29th to July 2nd with the region’s wine suppliers.

Bordeaux: arrival and transport


Maximum speed
There is a speed limit of 50 km / h for vehicles in the entire city.

per mille limit There is a limit to the permitted blood alcohol level of 0.5 per mille for drivers of motor vehicles.

Other rules
German pedestrians in particular are warned of French zebra crossings.

Getting there

Arriving by plane
The city’s airport is in the suburb of Mérignac. The airport bus runs from here to Gare St. Jean, Quai Richelieu, Grand Théâtre and Place Gambetta.

Arrival by train
Detailed information on the train connections from Germany to Bordeaux can be found under this link:

Arrival by bus
An inexpensive and comfortable journey from Germany to Bordeaux is by long-distance bus.

Bordeaux, France Overview