Carhartt WIP Spring-Summer 2013: Trends Camouflaged in Underground

Since it landed on our continent for nearly two decades, Carhartt WIP He tried to tame the urban jungle with a proposal that includes design, comfort and durability for your parts.

In the new collection of brand founded in Detroit, the follower of the same will find striking prints as the camouflage or flowers as well as their famous jackets of sailcloth in fluorine colours. Despite this, I assure you that the clothes won’t lose at any time its urban essence. What I don’t think? Read on and see for yourself.

Total bet by camouflage

We are not going to deceive, the camouflage It is nothing new. We’re not going to lie, we are not especially supporters of wearing the military picture. Although thinking about it calmly, the truth is that camouflage House much better brands like Carhartt WIP than in other less informal like ZARA or Tommy Hilfiger.

In any case, if you are a fan of the camouflage, you’re in luck because you will find practically any piece with this stamp. To choose, I prefer by the Add-ins and I accept enchanted backpack (€59) and leather wallet (49€) we have over these lines.

Fluoride to the outer garment colors

Carhartt WIP is a closely related to urban cultures that practiced skateboarding or BMX and whose associated clothing is often characterized by sobriety. Fleeing from this premise, but not bypass its purest essence, the American brand has colored their parts star with vivid colours full of energy.

This is translated into jackets, parkas and jackets bomber painted in blue, magenta, green and yellow. Crowning the paragraph, have the model ‘ Austin Jacket´ highlighted by its water-resistant condition and its mixed fabric of cotton/nylon. Without a doubt, a garment all-terrain ideal for halftime.

Eye-catching prints for shirts and t-shirts

As we saw a few weeks ago in our trends, prints items casual season stand out for their originality and lack of complexes. Numerous are the most urban egobloggers showing on the asphalt its stamped parts with impossible shapes, stars, animals or ethnic.

It was clear that Carhartt WIP I was not going to miss the opportunity and was going to join this so striking power and underground. My favourite articles for this section, have been composed of a block of stars and the shirt shirt with optical effect result of the unequal size of your pictures.

Carhartt WIP is an American company very well positioned within a specific target: closely related alternative youth with the the Street culture.

The spring-summer 2013 Carhartt WIP, breaking some taboos and shown daring in certain aspects and so is manifested in the colors of your clothes logo or the original print that have just been mentioned. Despite this, the essence Street not lost in no time, so surely, this collection will be applauded by the fans of the brand.