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Weather by Month in Vietnam

Understanding the weather by month in Vietnam is crucial for travelers planning to explore this diverse and beautiful Southeast Asian country, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Vietnam experiences a tropical climate, characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons, as well as variations in weather patterns across different regions of the… Read More »

Kalutara and Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kalutara Kalutara is a resort area in the southwest of the island, famous for its sports clubs. This is an ideal place for lovers of water sports: windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, spearfishing and sailing. According to petwithsupplies, Kandy is one of the largest cities in Sri Lanka. Kalutara is the first city that is encountered… Read More »

Tours to Maldives

One of the most attractive exotic destinations is the Maldives. Tours to this wonderful place are becoming more and more popular among the sophisticated public. The Republic of Maldives is located in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, about 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka and is a chain of 20 atolls, which, in… Read More »

Skiing in South Korea

The ski season in South Korea lasts from December to March, but most of the country’s ski resorts are also focused on recreation in the summer, golf courses and various attractions are equipped here. An important feature of ski resorts is that they are located near the capital of the country – Seoul. In the… Read More »

Listvyanka, Russia

The village of Listvyanka is the most popular recreation area in the vicinity of Irkutsk. It is located about 60 km southeast of Irkutsk on the northwestern shore of Lake Baikal at the source of the Angara River. The village is the starting point for traveling around Lake Baikal, the Circum-Baikal Railway, the Baikal National… Read More »

Vietnam Travel Tips

There is absolutely no religious fanaticism and racial prejudice in the country, therefore, in general, traveling around the country is considered safe (the country is one of the ten safest places in Eurasia). According to, the main problem is always and everywhere petty theft and importunity of local residents. Private traders and ordinary citizens… Read More »

Lebanon Brief History

According to, Lebanon is an Middle Eastern state on the Mediterranean, bordering Israel and Syria, whose history it shared until the foundation of an autonomous state with this name, in 1920. From the Islamic conquest (634) to the end of the Ottoman period, the territory of the present Lebanon had given refuge, in its mountainous… Read More »

Philippines Attractions and Nightlife

Attractions Luzon Luzón is the largest and northernmost of the main islands. The landscape is made up of mountainous regions in the north, a plain in the interior, the lakes and volcanoes of the northern peninsula and the coast with its bays and sandbanks. Mindanao and the South At the southwestern tip of Mindanao lies Zamboanga… Read More »

Shopping and Eating in Boracay Island, Philippines

Shopping The color of Boracay can be fully experienced by visiting the numerous colorful bazaars with souvenirs, local delicacies, handicrafts and exotic curiosities. A lot of shops and markets, shopping centers of all sizes – here you can spend hours looking, watching and wondering. The island’s largest shopping street, D’Mall, runs between White Beach and… Read More »

Safari In India

India Travel Experience with TAJ SAFARIS The Taj company invites you to explore the amazing, full of mysteries and beauty of the jungle world of India. Ancient giant trees, the singing of forest birds, herds of peacefully grazing axis (a type of deer) convey the atmosphere of an untouched jungle and a travel experience unlike… Read More »

Russia Economic and Financial Policy in the Early 1990’s

Russia faces the new millennium in an extremely difficult economic situation. Contrary to what proponents of shock therapies had prophesied about the transition to the market economy, the goal of stabilizing the economy is far from being achieved, and the start of a new development appears all the more problematic. The main ingredients of the… Read More »

Nepal General Information

GENERAL INFORMATION – NEPAL Chair: Kathmandu. Time: ahead of Minsk time by 3 hours 45 minutes Holidays and non-working days: Government and many other offices work six days a week. Saturday is an official holiday. Nepal is famous for its constantly changing holidays. It is said that the Nepalese have more holidays than there are… Read More »

Cyprus Major Cities

Limassol Limassol, in Greek Lemesos, city ​​on the south coast of Cyprus, in the metropolitan area (2017) 184 600 residents. Main port of the island (1974, after the partition of Cyprus, opening of the new port); Technical University (founded in 2004); Trade and financial center, shipping companies, important industrial location with light, canning, building materials… Read More »

Sri Lanka Independence

On February 4, 1948, the Ceylon Independence Act (issued in 1947) came into force; he gave the island the status of a Dominion, d. H. within the Commonwealth of Nations. The UNP government under Senanayake (1947-52), his son Dudley Shelton Senanayake (* 1911, † 1973 ; 1952-53) and Sir John Lionel Kotelawala (* 1897, †… Read More »

Malaysia in a Nutshell

Experience the fascinating capital Kuala Lumpur, which is constantly growing and changing. In the Taman Negara National Park you get close to nature – live in the middle of Malaysia’s unique flora and fauna. Then end with lazy days on one of Langkawi’s beautiful beaches. Malaysia is still one of us Scandinavians undiscovered country. There… Read More »

Glamping at River Kwai, Jungle Rafting and Koh Kood

Experience Bangkok’s big city noise and then on for glamping and raft accommodation in Kwai. Ride a mountain bike and listen to the guides who tell the story of River Kwai. Finish on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Kood. After a couple of days in the metropolis of Bangkok, the journey continues north to… Read More »

Russia Morphology

The region extending from eastern Europe to the Urals is essentially formed by a single large plain (Russian or Sarmatic plain) which, from a geological point of view, rests on a rigid, Precambrian crystalline substrate. However, this basement is not intact, but fractured, faulted and therefore divided into blocks which are at the origin of… Read More »

Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape (World Heritage)

The cultural landscape of the Orkhon Valley lies in the Changai Mountains on both sides of the Orkhon River. The river is the lifeline of the region and has been nomadic land since time immemorial. The world heritage also includes archaeological sites such as Karakoram. The city was built by Genghis Khan in 1220 and… Read More »

Beijing – The “Forbidden City”

It is the two syllables “běi” and “jīng” that make up the name of the Chinese capital. They mean “northern capital” and are part of the East Asian tradition of calling capital cities what they are. But Beijing is just one of the many names the city was known by. It also had names such… Read More »

Nepal Travel Warning

Bandhs / strikes Basically, “bandhs” (forced strikes of any kind) called at short notice in Nepal at any time, including in the Kathmandu Valley, and blockades / roadblocks must be expected; sometimes these are also enforced by force. The latter also applies to so-called transport strikes these protest actions seriously disrupt or paralyze public life… Read More »

Pakistan Travel Warning

Current information The Pakistani security forces have stepped up their crackdown on terrorist and extremist forces in the country. In particular, operations against terrorists and extremists in North Waziristan are continuing. As revenge attacks by terrorist elements can be expected across the country against this background, particular attention should be paid to security aspects when… Read More »

Transportation in China

ON THE GO Traveling by plane The airplane is indispensable for long distances in domestic traffic. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is the umbrella organization of the three main airlines Air China (CA) (Internet:, China Southern Airlines (CZ) (Internet: / en) and China Eastern (MU) (Internet:, which connect over 150… Read More »

Dubai and more

Experience Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Fujairah In Dubai you can golf in the morning, swim during the day and finish skiing in the evening. First-class food, wonderful beaches and endless activities await you here! Dubai and neighboring Emirates are not similar to other destinations. Dubai itself is a big city where different nationalities… Read More »


FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT ON KARON BEACH There are a huge number of hotels in the Karon Beach area, both on the seafront and a little deeper inland. Flights and trips to Phuket A lot of package tours are organized to Karon Beach from Finland. All major tour operators have packages that include flights, accommodation… Read More »

Trips to Java

In Java, you are in the heart of Indonesia. The country is like a melting pot of Indonesian history, culture and nature. In Java, you can experience Indonesian highlights from thousands of years old shrines to smoky volcanoes. Why travel to Java? Java is an Indonesian island that is part of a “ring of fire”… Read More »

Nepal Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense Nepal is a nation in Southern Asia. Its capital city is Kathmandu. Foreign policy is characterized by a balance between China and India. Largest is the dependence of India which encloses Nepal on three sides. However, Chinese influence can be said to increase. The exchange with India is large and most… Read More »