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Falkland Islands Economics and Telecommunications

Economics Economy overview: According to, the economy was formerly based on agriculture, mainly sheep farming, but today fishing constitutes the main economic activity. In 1987, the government began selling licenses to foreign trawlers to fish in the exclusive economic zone of the Falkland Islands. These licenses bring in more than $40 million a year,… Read More »

Science and Culture of Argentina

According to the 1993 education law, the education system in Argentina includes: pre-school education for children aged 3-5 years, compulsory 9-year basic education (for children 6-14 years old). The number of students in compulsory schools is 5.153 million (2000). Secondary (“polymodal”) education has a 3 + 2 scheme (the basic cycle of secondary school is… Read More »

Sao Paulo and Lencois, Brazil

Sao Paulo Modern Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the southern hemisphere: more than 19 million people live in the city and its surrounding areas. Sao Paulo is the financial and industrial center of Brazil, one of the richest cities in the world. Many German and American companies are based in São… Read More »

Paraguay Population and Culture

Population The approximately 7 million residents of Paraguay are made up of mestizos, Europeans and Indians. Most of them, almost 90 percent of the population, are the mestizos (Paraguayans, the majority of whom arose from the union of Guaraní Indians with Spanish immigrants). There are only a few indigenous people left. Around 17 ethnic groups,… Read More »

Transportation in Chile

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane According to youremailverifier, Chile’s national airline is called LAN Airlines (LA) (Internet: It flies daily from Frankfurt via Madrid to Santiago de Chile. Lufthansa (LH) offers feeder flights from all cities in Germany and from Austria to LAN long-haul flights. Swiss International (LX) serves as a feeder from Switzerland.… Read More »

Bolivia Everyday Life

Life in the highlands Many Indians live in the Andes highlands. They have partly retained their traditional way of life. They still prefer to wear their colorful clothes rather than t-shirts or suits. It is woven from the wool of alpacas or llamas. The clothes have geometric patterns. Sometimes they depict animals or figures. The… Read More »

Eating in Brazil

What do you eat in Brazil? Brazil is a very large country, after all the fifth largest in the world. What Brazilians like to eat is therefore not the same everywhere. Even in a much smaller country like Germany, there are many differences from region to region. Brazil’s cuisine is influenced by its long history… Read More »