Combination of Rings: How to Use Various Accessories at Once

Combination Of Rings: How To Use Various Accessories At Once, Models

Gone is the time when the rings were accessories that should be used sparingly. If formerly they had to keep a low profile and only used in the ring finger, nowadays the new trend that has gained more and more followers is the combination of rings.

Perhaps the name you’ve never heard of, but the combination of rings is nothing more so that using more than one accessories in the same hand. Here at you can get more different models of the rings fashion. That’s right, the habit of putting two, three, four rings once and now is synonymous with style, and the proof of this is the success that has made the character Paloma, novema’s “love of Life”.

The doctor played by Johny Oliveira, as well as very smart, doesn’t give up being aligned with the fashion world, so on your fingers, combinations of rings. Are they modern, retro, casual, delicate or when United into a look well mounted, they are the most successful.

So in this post we split up some models of combinations of rings for you to inspire. Don’t forget that combinations should reveal some of your style, so, use and abuse of your favorite rings models, those that you love and that will be beautiful together! Make your own mixes and storm!