Cyclist? Here Are Three Apps That Keep You Well Running [Tip]

You can get much more out of both your bike and your smartphone with these three apps.

Two years ago, we wrote about three Smart apps for those of us who bikes a lot in everyday life. Now it’s time for an update, of course, is that new, trendy bicycle-apps to since then.

Get the base in place first

But before we look at the apps, so remember to have basis in place in relation to your bike. Police have often focus on sharing fines in addition to cyclists who do not abide by the rules of the road, and in addition, happens far too many road accidents due to. small details, you can easily fix.

Make sure you have good bike lights (our site. magnetic lights, where you will not have to run out of battery), legal reflexes and a good, solid bike helmet that is set correctly.

And now for apps:

The police’s own app

Now we’re talking about the police, so we have here the national police force’s official app. It has more features, but here, we look at it, that’s called “Bike check”. With Bike check you can check every time you buy a used bike, about the bike is reported stolen. You scan just the frame number. Easy and simple, and saves you potential for a lot of hassle.

Free in both App Store and Google Play.

Strava-track your trips

Strava is the leading tracking app in the cycling world. It reminds a lot about Endomondo primarily joggers use, but provides extra voltage, because the Strava diligently is used by both current and former professional cyclists. What about URf.eks. to keep up with what Lance Armstrong is running and doing?

Free in both App Store and Google Play. For Windows Phone available this compatible third-party app.

Bike repair-in Danish

In the old article, we wrote about the app Bike Repair, but now you have with the app “Bike repair” the opportunity to fix the vast majority of stuff on your bike with Danish instructions instead of English.

The app is developed by Jacob Obarzanek and contains the entire 40 detailed guides where you on a very pedagogical way will be guided step to step through the current bike repair.

The 25 crowns app costs are quickly recouped, the first time it gets rid of a bicycle trip to the blacksmith. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.