Edinburgh in Scotland

By | October 18, 2021

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. The city inspires its visitors above all with its wonderful location and the beautiful city ​​center. Edinburgh is often referred to as the most beautiful city in Great Britain. The Edinburgh Festival is held here every year. The centuries-old royal tradition of the Scottish city is what gives the city its special charm.

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the city of Edinburgh is a historic site of important events that shaped the history of both Scotland and England. You can feel the history and traditions in every place in the city, but Edinburgh is at the same time a cosmopolitan, modern city. It is considered the most beautiful and best preserved city in Europe. Approximately 460,000 people live in the Scottish city. During the world-famous arts festival in August, more than a million people often come to see the event.
Edinburgh has much more to offer its visitors, such as: B. an extremely wide range of attractions.

When visiting the Scottish city, you should n’t miss the panoramic view from Calton Hill. Up there is the National Monument, which was designed by the famous architect William Henry Playfair. This monument also gave Edinburgh its reputation as the Athens of the North. The memorial is intended to commemorate people who perished during the Napoleonic Wars. Unfortunately, the construction of the National Monument was never completed. There is a D near the monument monument for the victor of the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson. This was built in 1816.

Other places worth seeing are the Grassmarkt, Charlotte Square or St. Andrews Square.

But there are also plenty of impressive buildings in Edinburgh view. Edinburgh Castle is an absolute must. The castle stands in Old Town directly on Castlehill and is considered to be landmark of the city. According to legend, the castle was built by the Picts in the fifth century. Overall, today’s Edinburgh Castle is in excellent condition. The castle has been continuously inhabited for more than a thousand years. The impressive building was even used as a residence for the kings of the country for a few years. In Edinburgh Castle there are other sights, such as the bronze statues of the national heroes Robert I and the brothers Bruce and William Wallace, the water tower, the crown hall and the casemates with the Moon-Meg cannon.

The Palace of Holyrood house is also worth a visit. This building is considered the official residence when the Queen spends her time in Scotland. The interior of the palace was a silent witness to many different important events for Scotland. Dramatic things also happened here, such as B. the assassination of Rizzio, secretary to Queen Mary of Scotland.

Other interesting buildings in Edinburgh include the Houses of Parliament, Lauriston Castle and Grounds, West Register House and Glandstones Land to name a few.

Anyone interested in museums and spending their vacation in Edinburgh needn’t worry about not getting their money’s worth, as there are a number of museums in the Scottish city.
The most interesting museum is the Museum of Edinburgh. Here in the old building (erected in 1570) many exhibits from the time of the Romans are shown. The main attractions are the National Convenant and the collar, as well as the bowl of Greyfriars Bobby, probably Scotland’s most famous dog.

If you want to learn more about the history of Scotland, the Museum of Scotland is the place for you. Here you can admire many Scottish artifacts, fossils, jewels, geological exhibits and much more. Also, you should definitely not miss a visit to the Royal Museum of Scotland. Here you can find exhibits from a wide variety of areas such as Marvel at geology, anthropology, taxonomy and Chinese art. The oldest steam engine in the world is exhibited in this museum. There are many other impressive exhibits to see here. The best known is probably the cloned sheep Dolly, which was the first mammal in the world to be created through a cloning process.

Other Edinburgh museums include the Edinburgh Museum of Fire, the National Library of Scotland, the John Knox House Museum and a few others.

When visiting the Scottish city, you don’t have to neglect the arts, as there are several galleries here, such as Picasso and Vuillard, the Edinburgh National Gallery of Modern Art or the Scottish Art Gallery.

Lovers of old religious buildings will be delighted with Edinburgh. St. Giles Cathedral is an absolute must. It is the center of the city’s Royal Mile. With its two crown towers and the Thistle Champel, the church is considered the mother of the Presbyterian Church. It was built in 1120. The interior of the church is decorated with impressive colorful glass ornaments and houses the fantastic Rieger organ and the famous Thistle Chapel. Know that there is more to see in Edinburgh than this one old church. Edinburgh has more than twelve large historic sacred buildings to offer.

Edinburgh in Scotland