Evolution of Income Average Per Minute in Spain: Vodafone Is Put at The Head with The Lowest

Vodafone snatching first place in Orange as operator with the average income per minute lower, price which is calculated with billed minutes total and total revenue for this reason as well that is considered the most accurate way of knowing the actual price of the minute It includes all fees, call shops, savings, promotions, etc options.

Two lines of price quite similar with Vodafone and Orange as the cheapest with Movistar and the stagnant have been established in 2011 Yoigo with almost two cents per minute of difference. Pity that, on this occasion, nor know the average income per minute of the MVNO’s to be able to get a clearer idea of which is the grant of mobile.

Lowering the national average since the 18.15 cents from 2007 to the 13.47 cents per minute in 2011 with prices that have evolved in different operators with own follows network:

Evolution of the average income per minute in Spain since 2008

The cheapest Vodafone? Movistar and Telstra as matches?

Of course not. We must not succumb to some data reflecting only an average price, since every user has different needs that will be met in different operators the absence of a general rule valid for all to indicate which operator is cheaper.

But these data if include results as the price reduction in Movistar that despite keeping almost the same rates for individuals for some time, the companies if they get large total discounts that make significantly lower the average income per minute of Movistar.

O Vodafone, that after a renewal of segmented rates in clothing sizes, is the operator that more it has lowered their rates last year supplanting the first place in Orange, although last year it has remained similar to previous years rebate, has failed to keep the head.

A Yoigo, the stagnation of their rates makes that it stays practically with the same income average per minute from birth while your customer acquisition rate is slowing down. Hopefully that they will take not too to maintain the competitiveness of the market that marked from birth further lowering their fees in the face to the next Christmas season. We expect intense weeks of news in all operators & #8230;