Evolution of The Market in Spain According to The Price Per Minute, Number of Lines and Revenues in 2011

Week of economic operators and quarterly report of WCL results repeating data from other times, keeping the increase in revenues for data traffic (24.8% more compared to the previous quarter) although they remain still do not compensate for the income drop by voice (13.5% less) or SMS traffic (-6%) on this occasion is marked by the strong competition between operators which finally resulted in a lowered real rates in the face of the end user (specifically a 1.7% less), cut the prices of interconnection (7.5% less) and the regulation of the EU roaming rates.

During the first quarter of the year, according to data from the Commission for the telecommunications market, the entry medium per minute in Spain reached the 13,79 cents, 9% less than in the same period in 2010 and the lowest level of history motivating the traffic on mobile networks to increase a 3.2% despite the fact that the fall in the total turnover has been 3%.

According to statements by Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone, Vodafone Spain It is reducing prices to gain in competitiveness and has closed its first quarter of 2011 with a income per minute of 11.4 cents/minute front of the 13.5 last year (price that includes all fees, facilities, fees and promotions).

Total number of lines per operator in 2011

Although month-to-month we analyze the movements of the market, on this occasion, the CMT presents facts about the evolution by quarters of the lines from different operators in recent years:

Number of exclusive lines of data in 2011

Previous lines, the datacards or exclusive lines of data (to navigate from laptop or tables via USB modem or other device) are the best data prepaid Orange and Movistar contract, Telstra being the least used:

More than 65% of revenue by billing belong to private individuals

Revenue per line close to 30 euros a month on contract

The revenue per line around 25 euros monthly traffic of voice and messaging on contract while data services are already close to an average of 5 euros per month. In prepaid, the average total consumption does not exceed the 8 euros/month.