Facebook Ready with Tablet-Optimized Design for Android

Facebook is ready with new design for Android tablets that make better use of the larger screen. See how the new design looks here.

Facebook app for Android has long been the anti-Europeans disparage in order not to make use of the extra screen real estate, which is on tablets. Instead, you get the same design as on smartphones stretched out in full width.

Will Facebook according to droid-life, at long last, do something about it. In the latest version of Facebook is that carried out several major design changes, such that the space be utilized much better on large tablets.

At the top are the icons for the home screen, settings, notifications, friend requests and messages have been moved to a separate blue menu, while the search box is located on the right side.

On the home screen with all Facebook-lookups are designed now in two parts, so there is a narrow column on the right side as on the Web version of Facebook. Here there is room for small boxes like birthdays, events, news and news from the groups. You can also see what hitter at the moment.
By clicking on the small icon on the top right, you can bring your friends list above and see who is online and send messages to them. So there are several design features of the new tablet-optimized Facebook app that is downloaded directly from the Web version.

Still room for improvement

It is, however, far from all areas of the Facebook app for Android, which is optimized for tablets with the latest update. If you type a lookup, you still get a text field from the mobile design that is stretched all the way across the width.

The same applies if you open the tab with links to events, games, pages, groups and settings.

In other words, there is room for improvement, but Facebook has importantly taken the first major step to make the experience significantly better on tablets with Android. It remains to be seen exactly what tablets which have the new design enabled. You must at least use version or later.