FACUA Wants to Foster Competition by Avoiding Mobile Blocked for Use with a Specific Operator

FACUA has reported to Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo considering that they incur an abusive clause and unfair competition to the block terminals that sell to limit their use and prevent that they work with other operators.

It is one of the disadvantages of acquiring an operator subsidized mobile rather than buy it free from factory for what FACUA encourages consumers to that claim release into their companies by considering that the rights and obligations of the contract related to the purchase of the terminal are not proportional and equitable.

But speaking of proportionality has come me to head the insignificant cost posed to release a mobile funded in comparison with the exorbitant disproportionality that exists in the penalties which apply in case of failure to comply with the contracts of permanence and that can make us pay up to 100 euros (plus tax) even though only a day left us to finish the permanence. Is this another great #fraudemovil?

The WCL has made it clear on more than one occasion that the operators are not required to release a mobile phone Once the period of permanence and don’t even have to make it free so a the complaint by FACUA-friendly resolution would be a breakthrough but they attacked me several questions of if it could foster competition more effectively with measures that will eliminate other obvious desproporcionalidades that most affect user Pocket.