Google Maps Lets Everyone Add Sites and Make Modifications

Google He wants your mapping service is the most comprehensive in the world, and this needs the collaboration of its large community of users that add and modify sites and businesses that are still missing, which no longer exist or that your information is not correct.

To do this, Google Maps now allows everyone Add and modify sites, feature that, until now, was only available in very few countries.

Add seats or suggest modifications

If we are in a business and see missing information on your tab or is incorrect in Suggest a change We can change what is wrong or what is missing. If on the other hand what is the business can add it with the option Add a site It appears on the tab of the street. There we will complete its tab to add the name of the business, its category, phone, web and schedule.

Share details about a place

For more details about a business recently Google Maps launched the new section It describes this place that is within the file of every business enterprise. There we can say if the local offers, if it is warm, casual, romantic, if you have terrace, if they accept reservations and much more details via a simple form that will only have to mark options.

Check the suggested modifications of others

Finally, and the novelty of Google Maps that today all over the world, is to expedite checks suggestions, now they will be users can confirm your modifications suggested by others are correct. When we go into the tab of a site we can see if there is a suggestion of pending change made by another person. It will see the change wanting to make and if it is correct we can confirm it to speed up changes.