Google Stops Random Clicks on Advertisements in Apps

Google will now enhance the experience of advertising to smartphones by ensuring that you as a consumer are not going to click on them by mistake.

You know the guaranteed to the many annoying ads that can appear inside apps and games, where the POPs in just at the moment when you will click on an “OK”-button or the advertisements, which is equipped with a tiny cross to close them, where you get to frame the advertisement instead.

Google will solve the problem by introducing a number of changes through the advertising service AdWords, how advertisements are allowed to behave in apps for smartphones in a hope to improve the user experience.

Google introduces 3 actions in the fight against bad implementations of advertisements. The first approach is that advertising will not be activated if you click Close on the edge of these-for example, at the bottom of an apps where the advertisement adjacent to some buttons in the app.

The second solution is to make it easier to close the advertisements. Many advertisements make use of very small icons to close these, and it makes it very difficult to remove the advertisements without you needing to get clicked on them and will be sent to a URL by mistake. You will not need to be anywhere near as accurate, if you want to close the advertisements in the future.

The third measure will enhance the experience tremendously, for instance games that show advertising just in the moment when you originally intended to press an “OK” button or similar. To prevent you from accidentally clicks on an advertisement right in the second, it appears, blocking Google for clicks in advertisements for a short time after the visit.

Better experience for consumers and advertisers

Google says that the changes will not only enhance the experience for users.

They will also get the advertisers, who get reduced costs for random advertising click and instead a 15% better conversion rate.