Here Maps Is Now Here WeGo, See Their New Forms for Scroll with Its Renewed Version

Here Maps receives its most important update today from its launch and that Nokia might sell this mapping service to a German consortium of manufacturers of cars.

Here Maps with its update over the version 2.0 is presented as a total renewal, Premiering new name, new interface and new ways to move. Here Maps is now called Here WeGo.

Here WeGo

Why the name change? As the new owners Here Maps seemed to them a name very generic, no personality, and as your application will focus on journeys nothing better than call it Here WeGo.

The new one Here WeGo it slightly Redesigns its interface to use a lighter background which will help the readability and their icons stand out more, increasing its usability.

Under the new interface of Here WeGo, This great free application of navigation and maps you want to be the best in its category, and so they are focused on providing us the best way to get towards where we want to go.

New ways to get around

Along with the name change and the new interface the main novelty can be found in the mobility. This new version added the options to move in bike (with elevation profiles), taxi and car-sharing.

Here WeGo is associated with BlaBlaCar y Car2Go so when we calculate the route it was a destination can go on car sharing, that Yes, there will be to have these applications installed to enjoy this function.

The new one Here WeGo also improves information on public transport, showing the price of tickets and for taxis showing approximate rates, waiting time and a call button. The price of taxis at the moment is only available in Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Grand Bay, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and Toronto.

Find what you are looking for more easily

Here WeGo makes finding routes and compare them much faster, to change the mode of transport for the movement. Also that Discover nearby sites and attractions will be easier.

If you want to enjoy already the new Here WeGo only you will have to go to Google Play and download it. It is an update of Here Maps.

HERE WeGo Version 2.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: HERE Apps LLC
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Transport