Hiking Fossil Smartwatches Q and Q Marshal: Pre-Orders Possible

Fossils first Smartwatch, the Q founder, had it not easy, to prevail against the competition: Although there were in the COMPUTER screen test to find little fault, the Android clock but lacked a real differentiator and a real bargain was not with prices around 300 euros also. Since March, 2016, the successor in the wings are now available: hiking the Q and the Q Marshall. The Smartwatches in the commercial come on August 29, 2016. The Smartwatches can be ordered before August 12.

Overview: the best Smartwatches

25 models Pebble, Samsung & co.

Again round, again with Android

Both watches have a round display like the Q founder. Hiking the Q comes with a 4.4-centimeter gold case and probably has the world of women as a target group together with thin leather strap. The housing of the Q Marshal measures 4.6 cm, there are among other things with steel bracelet. Besides the leather – and Stahlambändern fossil offers also a Silicon variant to the to make the new watches for everyday life and sports. Both models have an always on display with a touch screen as its predecessor: incoming messages and calls so always see on the display how it affects battery life, not revealed fossil.

Features and price

Next to a microphone speakers are on board. The integrated Aktivitätstracker serves as calories and pedometer, the bracelets and the dials can be changed according to your mood. The Smartwatches run with the operating system Android wear which is compatible with Android and ios. Technical details the Texas company also in the official release never revealed more. The new watches are available from $ 295. It is still unknown when exactly the Smartwatches available in this country. In Germany, prices from 260 euro are realistic.

Video on the subject

The fashion brand has now also a Smartwatch in the fossil. The test shows what does the Q founder and how good it really is. Smart is a fossil: fossil Q founder in the test