Hotels For Valentine’s Day

By | May 10, 2021

Soon it will be that time again: Valentine’s Day, the day of all lovers, is just around the corner. Some of you love it, while others get a cold chill when they think of the kitschy heart decorations that can already be bought on every corner. But how about using this day as an occasion for a relaxing break?

Just imagine how you and your partner wake up early in the morning in a cozy king-size bed, you smell the smell of freshly brewed coffee and you can expect the most beautiful view of all when you look out the window. If you’ve got a taste for it, you should definitely take a look at the following hotels – from a suite with a view of the Eiffel Tower to a romantic riad in Marrakech, everything is included here.

Here you will find the most romantic hotels for Valentine’s Day

Shangri-La Hotel in Paris

Shangri-La Hotel in Paris

Let’s start with the cliché of what is probably the most romantic city in Europe: Paris . Whether a boat trip on the Seine, a romantic dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower or a visit to Disneyland® Paris – the French capital does not spoil it when it comes to romance. And that’s exactly why there are unique hotels here that round off the trip perfectly. One of them is the exclusive Shangri-La Hotel , where you can stay for around € 850 a night.

A romantic trip to the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte

Even the royal-looking entrance area amazes the guests, but once you have arrived in the suite with a view of the Eiffel Tower , you are speechless. It’s best to grab your partner quickly and move to the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte for a romantic trip.

Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca

Mallorca is without a doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in Spain, that much is certain. But if you think that the Balearic island only has parties, palm trees and tourist strongholds to offer, you are far from it. In addition to the many varied hotspots for party vacationers, families and Co., Mallorca also has a completely different, romantic side. The best example of this is the chic small town of Deià on the northwest coast of the island. It is not for nothing that people often speak of the so-called “artist village of Mallorca” because famous artists and actors such as Pablo Picasso and Pierce Brosnan have already settled here.

But back to the topic: If you are looking for a very special hotel for a romantic break in Mallorca, the unique Belmond La Residencia is perfect for you. The boutique hotel is so popular not only because of its wonderful location in the middle of the Traumtana Mountains , but also because of the romantic suites and villas, which you can book here from 349 € per night. Unfortunately, nothing is free on Valentine’s Day, but how about a long weekend in spring? Take a look at the pictures, then close your eyes and dream of a romantic breakfast by the pool …

Above Blue Suites in Santorini

Above Blue Suites in Santorini

Hardly any other island is as beautiful and at the same time as romantic as the Greek island of Santorini . A bright blue sea, impressive volcanic rock and dreamy villages await you here. If you are in the mood for an unforgettable romantic holiday, then this lovely island in the middle of the southern Aegean is the right place for you.

Hardly any other island is as beautiful and romantic as Santorini

If your decision has already been made and you are only looking for suitable accommodation, there is hardly any accommodation as much as the Above Blue Suites. The hotel not only scores with first-class luxury, but also with its location on the highest point of the famous caldera , so that you have a fantastic view of the sea and the beautiful surroundings directly from the pool. Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life, with candlelight and a glass of Greek wine – you will not soon forget this Valentine’s Day. You can get a suite here from around € 240 per night.

Al Ponte Antico Hotel in Venice

Al Ponte Antico Hotel in Venice

Which European cities do you think of when you think of a romantic city break? Of course, the Italian lagoon city of Venice should not be missing from this list. The many narrow streets along the canals, the historical buildings and not to forget the gondoliers, who invite you on a romantic trip in their Venetian boat, also known as a gondola, are far too beautiful.

And now imagine that you’ve also booked a beautiful hotel that is right in the heart of Venice . During the evening candlelight dinner, you can look out over the famous Rialto Bridge, watch the couples in love on the Grand Canal and then set out on your own to explore the city on a leisurely walk – how romantic! In the Al Ponte Antico Hotel it is not only beautiful to fall in love with, but also so familiar and quiet that you can experience one of the most romantic city trips with your partner. If you’re quick, you can quickly secure a room for Valentine’s Day for € 249 a night!

Riad Yasmine in Marrakech

According to themotorcyclers, a riad in Marrakech is more than just a hotel, it’s a traditional house or even a palace with a beautiful, hidden courtyard. If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day in a very special way and spend a few romantic days with a touch of oriental flair , then you are at the right place in the beautiful Riad Yasmine Marrakech . In addition to the cozy rooms, which are waiting for you with candlelight and a stylish ambience, you can also enjoy a typical meal in the beautiful inner courtyard and then relax in the pool. For one night you pay from 150 € upwards – but hurry up, because the accommodation is quite popular and often fully booked.

If you are still in the mood for a little sightseeing, you can easily and quickly reach the most important sights of the city from here, because your accommodation is located in the middle of the medina , the beautiful old town of Marrakech.

Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn in Styria

Have you ever stayed in a romantic castle hotel? For all those who are now shaking their heads, I have a very special treat. In the middle of Austria you can treat yourself to a true fairytale holiday and enjoy intimate togetherness in Pichlarn Castle in Styria. Surrounded by an idyllic mountain backdrop, you can spend a very special Valentine’s Day here for only € 78 per person per night.

The Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn looks back on 1,000 years of history and awaits you not only with wonderful surroundings, but also with a stylish and luxurious ambience as well as a hotel’s own wellness area with sauna and five pools. Are you in the mood for wellness now?