HTC Continues Beating Records: Sold 13.2 Million in The Third Quarter

HTC He managed to double the number of terminals sold from one year to another, so far as the third quarter. The numbers speak: 13.2 million units in this period, representing a rise of 93%.

The forecasts have been exceeded slightly, since they expected between 12 and 13 million units sold. Compared with the previous quarter, which was very good with 12.1 million Smartphones sold, there has also been improvement.

From the regional point of view, HTC has experienced a very significant rise in China, a market so large that it had everything to do in financial results that the Taiwanese have had in the last quarter.

A shame that HTC not more operational data models, or system, since we are left with the desire to see how them is working the issue with Microsoft, since we have no doubt that the thing with Android is on a roll.

Update, from the comments warn us that on Phone Arena reported that 30% of phones corresponds to Windows phones. A pretty good figure that could introduce us to detach from the Microsoft operating system.

The progression in sales worldwide for quarters, missing the 13.2 million 11Q3:

You can take a look at the data published by the competition:

  • Samsung is the main seller of smartphones: 28 million in the third quarter
  • Red for Nokia, but best in estimated numbers
  • Apple sells 17.1 million iPhones in the last quarter