Ios 9.3.4: Apple Must Again Fill Security Gaps

Surprisingly, Apple has released a new update for iphone, ipad, and ipod touch: ios 9.3.4 is now available for download already and again closes a security gap. Details about the silent Apple, named it as important security update, all users should install. Apparently has been connected exactly the gap the update, the developers of cracking of ios have exploited 9.3.3 via jailbreak (see below).


Until recently, Apple had the update to ios 9.3.3 26 vulnerabilities closed including is an iphone around via MMS or imessage completely hijack a fierce Apple-bug, by the left. The other security problems, one with ios 9.3.3 has resolved:

The installation of the latest update is therefore highly recommended!

First jailbreak only in Chinese


A few days after the release was a first jailbreak for ios 9.3.3 available, but initially only in Chinese. With the release of ios 9.3.4 is this jailbreak is no longer possible. In addition, the installation for security reasons is not recommended. Since a few days after publication of the Jailbreaks were users who had found strange transfers on your account. However, the copyright of the Jailbreaks, the famous panguteam, the allegation rejected to have tapped customer data for financial fraud with the jailbreak.

Latest news for ios 9

Ios 9.3.5 closes Spionagelückemit ios 9.3.5 includes Apple one of the biggest security holes in the history of the system installation is strongly recommended! A combination of three loopholes in the system allowed attackers reading site, passwords, emails, messages and contacts. It was also possible to execute code on malicious Web pages. The gap was tricky: Noticed after a hacker attack on an Arab human rights activist. More read here. 4 August 2016: ios 9.3.4 fixes the update to ios Sicherheitslückemit 9.3.4 Apple again fixes a security vulnerability. The group does not call for further details about the closed leak and the update. July 25 – Jailbreak for ios 9.3.3 angekündigtpangu has a jailbreak for ios 9.3.3 announced, with the user severe restrictions on your own app store can pick up. To dissuade them but rather is for various reasons: so is to find the jailbreak were not on the Pangu page, but to have only via third-party links. In addition its own app on the device must be for the jailbreak installed, that queries the entire Apple ID credentials. Here, one should use a practically used Apple ID definitely not. And finally even the programmers not entirely rule out a destruction of the devices through the jailbreak. July 18th, 2016: ios 9.3.3 veröffentlichtmit the update to ios 9.3.3 Apple includes a total of 26 vulnerabilities. Among other things, it was then possible to hijack ios devices alone by sending a prepared photos via MMS or imessage and execute arbitrary code. The update is strongly recommended so all users. March 24th, 2016: Update to ios 9.3 many paralysing ipads, Apple ios update to version 9.3 poses great problems some ipad owners reagiertdas recently been released. Especially on the ipad 2 complain many users that your device can be no longer activate after the upgrade. Instead, the error message activation server is temporarily unavailable. Now reporting Apple for Word and provides assistance in a support document to take the ipad back in operation. As a result it is sufficient in many cases to connect the ipad to the computer and to perform activation directly in itunes. It will fail or no computer is ready, Apple recommends a visit to the website. Logged in there with Apple ID and password, follow 2 clicks on iphone search, all devices and the affected device previously switched off, as the ipad. The setting up of the ipad after clicking on off remove account should work again. October 26, 2015: Lawsuit against Wi-Fi assist-funktionmehrere Apple customers in the United States have sued Apple. Reason: With ios 9 introduced Wi-Fi-assist function is responsible for ensuring that the data volume of the mobile telephone agreement go out many users within a very short time. As a whole, so the accusation that Apple have caused more than US$ 5 million damage thereby created a cost trap with this function.

Whether Apple must pay for the cost of the user, a court in San Jose, California will decide soon. The charge is: unfair competition, commercial fraud and the appearance of false facts.

October 22, 2015: Apple released all compatible iphone ios 9.1Für, a comprehensive update since October 21, 2015 is ipads, and ipod touch on the ios version 9.1 available. It includes numerous bug fixes; among the live photo feature on the should now run correctly iphone 6 S and also when receiving mail using POP3 accounts, there are no problems now, promises Apple. As a bonus disc ios 9.1 over 150 new Emojis with which one can garnish for example Messenger messages with small images. As always, the ios update is available via the auto-update feature within the system settings.

12 October 2015: Problems with email anhängendie current version 9.02 of Apple’s ios provides currently for frustration when users of email. Complaints about E-Mail attachments, which are no longer open are piling up in the official Apple Forum. The problem occurs only when you use the native email app in ios. Here, the user clicks on an E-Mail attachment, the software refuses to open it. Instead, 9 ios shows the error message not yet downloaded from server. The problem occurs when new and old emails and seems to be related with the use of POP3 accounts. As several users report the reinstallation does not help the Gmail app. Currently, the only solution was the use of an alternative email. According to Apple support, it could also help to keep a copy of the email on the server. The bug is probably with the release of the next ios version 9.03. A specific release date has not been set however. October 8th, 2015: In-the-close search aufgetauchtda is it again: the practical close function will appear on iphones and ipads in Germany, but not for each user. That provides access to various site categories in the vicinity with ios 9 presented feature. These are currently via Spotlight search (swipe right on the home screen), but not in Apple’s maps app after a tip in the search box.


The offer is designed to simplify the search for interesting, often popular places such as supermarkets, gas stations or restaurants. After a tip that the maps app shows the the keyword matching locations with pins on the map and a list. Nearby including Germany was available during the beta phase already in several countries. With the final ios 9 remote Apple feature in this country again. Whether it is now permanently on German IOS or disappears, is unclear. According to Apple’s official ios-9 page, it supports the feature currently only available in the United States and China.

1 October 2015: Apple gives ios 9.0.2 fixed freiweitere bug: Apple released another update for ios 9 version 9.0.2 resolves a problem with the setting to enable or disable mobile data use for apps, the erroneous activation of imessage and interruptions by icloud backups.


Also podcasts run now more stable and the screen no longer incorrectly directed when receiving messages.


The update is available now and the easiest method using the system update (settings, General, software update) can be installed. Optionally, you can play, so you must forgo its Smartphone for the duration of the installation not 9.0.2 overnight.

September 23, 2015: Apple releases ios 9.0.1Nur a few days after the great leap on ios 9 Apple released the first update to 9.0.1. The update addresses including a problem with the Setup Wizard, the unreliability of alarm clock and timer, and a problem with Safari and photos, in which the image when you stop video was distorted.


Users with its own APN configuration should have more now any problems with the contract and the loss of mobile data.


The update is available now and the easiest method using the system update (settings, General, software update) installable.

21 September 2015: lowercase keyboard abschaltenmit ios 9 has changed Apple keyboard. If you type small letters, the keyboard shows only small letters. To write large, changed the layout. This animation interferes with many users. But, there might be a way, as you switch off this function.

Navigate in the settings too general then in the menu of accessibility and then to keyboard. There, simply turn off keys with lower case letters and have the same display as 8 at ios.

31 August 2015: Any Safari feature provides for wirbeladblocker are mini-tools, with the advertising on Internet pages you can hide. It will cost the industry millions: alone by 2015 22 billion US dollars to escape the media industry after a recent study this. So it is not surprising that any plans at Apple currently provide for Eddy: according to rumors the group with ios allows 9 for the first time use the ad blocker in Safari browser. Jason Kint, head of the American Association of media digital content next, warns that adblocker represent a growing problem for the media world and a possible integration in ios 9 considerably reinforces the trend. Whether Apple actually appropriately open its software, is uncertain. Pending an official statement. (ul)

August 7th, 2015: Third beta verfügbarnun is already the third public beta of ios 9 available. This includes again some bug fixes, for example, the iphone works now again reliably with lightning video adapters. In addition, the calendar works better and home sharing is recognized correctly in the network. In addition, a great feature has found its way onto the iphone. Under settings, select mobile network the option Wireless assist (very low), shut down the iphone in low reception faster the Wi-Fi connection and continues to work with the mobile network.


The update is available through software update of the settings ready, is approximately 350 megabytes in size and needed a good half hour to install. As always applies when a beta: before performing a backup.

24 July 2015: Public beta 2 is now available a new beta version of ios daeinen day after Beta 4 for registered (paid) developer, Apple has released 9 for the public test the innovations of both beta versions are the same: so the home sharing for music of other Apple devices disabled with the earlier ios-9-Beta works again. The volume button is back as camera shutter. Also, the podcast app now supports playing videos in a small window. And who cares of Bing search results display in the Spotlight search, can disable there permanently.

10 July 2015: Public beta verfügbarerstmals Apple of even a public beta releases. To download the preview of the upcoming operating system, you will need only a login on this page and a software profile, which you can install on your iphone directly after registration.


Word of caution: be sure apply a backup of your data before installing. Beta versions are known, without apparent reason to crash, cause data loss, or deny certain functions. The update is approximately 1.4 gigabytes in size and needed about half an hour to install.

June 29, 2015: Sleep iphonelaut macrumors throttles throttles the sleep of ios 9 performance from iphone and ipad significantly. So an iphone 6 plus in sleep mode when the benchmark test Geekbench reached 3 1.019 points in the area of single-core and 1,751 points in the multi-core area. In normal operation there were 1,606 or 2,891 points. The case was reconstructed also for the iphone 5 S.

June 24, 2015: ios 9 Beta 2 veröffentlichtder test of the first ios 9 pre-release revealed to expect many construction sites such as by a beta: poor battery life, some crashes and sometimes data loss when the Apple-icloud-synchronization. The newly released ios 9 Beta 2 to eliminate many of these issues. Apple wants to have screwed in the performance. So, the search feature is supposed to work significantly faster.

May 22, 2015: Apple maps with public transport informationhow 9to5mac reported, Apple is planning some new functions for the map service of maps: 9 users to finally get the opportunity with ios, bus and rail connections to find a function, the Apple maps since the departure of Google maps over two years ago no longer has. Originally Apple wanted to equip its map service already a year ago with mass transit info, shortly before WWDC 2014, the engineering giant from Cupertino due to lack of personnel and data problems again stroked the innovations.


It goes on to say, Apple working on a maps navigation inside of large buildings, offices and landmarks. The company sent equipped with ibeacons the first robot, to test measure of the offices. It is unclear when this service actually is presented.

21 may 2015: Home in ios 9With ios 8 showed the developer interface homekit Apple 2014. The idea behind it: ehome products to network with each other and central control. As 9to5mac reported, it is fitting that in ios 9 give the home app. Much like in health you want to prepare clearly all smart devices and services in the application. Also home is in the position to represent virtually all rooms of a House. This is to give a better overview of all available ehome devices. Who has enough smart appliances, also searches for replenishment through the application. In addition to the iphone and the ipad and Apple TV users as control center.

Problem history IOS 9.3


Ios 9.3 already long list of errors has one, the Apple again and again to cure tried with new updates. Shortly after the release of ios 9.3 complained en masse users who could open in particular on a iphone 6s (plus) any links in emails and messages without having the app crashed. Apple responded quickly and released on March 31st ios 9.3.1. With the update to ios 9.3.2 there were already problems. Actually that should eliminate update bugs in the dictionary, allow the night-shift mode in the power saving mode, stabilize Bluetooth connections and improve the voice over voice of Alex but it was different for many ipad Pro users and devices refused the service rows. Therefore, 9.3.2 appeared again later in a new version that corrected the problem of update ios. Some ipad-Pro 9.7 inch-models but were again put in motion only from Apple support. As always, however, is: when the majority of users ran ios 9.3 House without serious problems. Therefore a stay in ios 9.2 is not recommended.

Ios 9: the most important innovations at a glance

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Night mode


Because if ios 9.3 runs, there is much to discover. The new night mode for example should help users to the relax, if you use your Smartphone just before going to sleep. Based on the time of day and the software is the appropriate time for the sunset colors. Background: Current research according to Flash and bluish light affects negatively on the internal clock of the people and can cause sleep problems. Warmer colors, however, can help relax the eyes. Since the second beta of ios 9.3 is the night mode even in the bottom row of the control center.

Notes and touch 3D


Apple has made about the Notes app ideas. Thanks to secure entries, it is now possible to protect content with touch ID. For the iphone – 6 S function 3D touch, there are also new shortcuts, for example, options for the settings app, or the compass app.

Multi user mode for the education sector


Apple is guilty for years the multi user mode. Especially on ipads, it is annoying that it is not so far possible to create multiple users and to share a device within the family, without having to grant access to private data in. Now, Apple is a first step in the education sector. Together with a new app called classroom, which allows teachers to control content on the students ipads and observe results, there’s also the function that allows students to create a profile and change as needed.

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Hide unwanted apps


Hoped for by many, but not mentioned in the keynote: Unwanted system apps like the stocks app let hide. Apple’s ios has many system apps that had so far cannot be removed. Who is not using apps such as wallet, friends, shares or tips, she pushed so far mostly in a folder so that they cost as little space in the home screen. Now there’s a if also complicated new way. Using the new configurator, you can set system limitations for managed devices. Enter the name of the unwanted apps in terms of restrictions/constraints, for example for the stock app, the app icons will no longer appear. Note: This app is a management program for multiple idevices, ipads, for example, is possible to use in the private sector a school class, but not from Apple support.

Other innovations: carplay, health and news


More news can be found in existing apps. Apple adds new models to carplay in the maps app shows new points of interest (in German: interesting sights) at and adorns Apple music with new playlists. Health works better with the data of the Apple Watch and simplifies the search for compatible apps and the news app available so far only on the American market gets new features.

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