Jopy: a Brand that Surprised Me

JPY: a good choice of lingerie for resale.

There’s a lot I heard on this lingerie brand, Jopy. But when I met her in the latest edition of Fevest, in Nova Friburgo, I confess that I was surprised by what I saw.

A cute brand, with quality products and a very interesting modeling. Are not too small, which in lingeries shake, bother. Seem to serve perfectly.

And the design was what really caught my attention. Are different, delicate prints, bright colors and we love.

The coral is the darling of every summer. And, as in our country, it’s almost summer all year round, is a color that is worth having in the wardrobe, isn’t it?

The yellow can be the color that most suits you, depending on the tone of your skin. More women tanned, Brunettes and black girls are beautiful lingerie and bikinis. Draws so much attention. If I were that color, would use direct yellow! But as I’m a white boy, I dare not very … RS

The flagship brand is this set. Remember income the AHM, which is beautiful. Dresses, skirts, blouses, all of Danni is so romantic and delicate.

In lingerie is more unusual, but no less beautiful.

And this print Tiger? I’m not sure if it’s Tiger or Leopard, I’m not very good with bugs, but I never tire of looking at her. Is modern, strong and smooth at the same time. I don’t like any animal print lingerie. I’m kind of boring with this pattern, but this was love at first sight …

Each model is more beautiful than the other.

Who’s open to meet new brands and try models who wear very well, can add the Jopy on your wish list. People who seek to find good brands of lingerie wholesale can also be amazed.

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