Ledlager is Now Available at Google+

More than two years there are Google+now. Meanwhile, the network with 300 million active (stream) more popular than Twitter users and grew in the second quarter of 2013 more than Facebook. Reason enough for us to be.

Ledlager is Now Available at Google+

Since July you LEDLager not only here in the blog, at www.ledlager.de, on YouTube andFacebook, but also on Google +find. Since then, we have diligently posted to our customers and all those who are interested the topic LED to inform about backgrounds, developments and news from the world of light-emitting diodes. A new post appears in our blog to learn the first on our Google+-page and can follow the link directly to the relevant post. Besides post instructions from our blog, artefacts from the net, inspiring photos and all kinds of tips about special offers, new products or events around light, there are also plenty of space to Exchange and share your ideas! For example, from photos of your latest LED artwork.

Meet, share, discuss, share & help-LEDLager on Google +.

Google+is the perfect place to meet like-minded people, to get new lighting ideas, or to discuss ways to save energy in lighting and in the budget generally. It combines our Google+-page all that actively want to deal with the issue of energy efficiency, sustainability, and lighting-creative, technical or very practical, in order to save money.

Join easy! Share your latest pictures around on the LEDs, are newcomers with conversion tips to the side and meet new people who share your interest. As LEDLager follower, you won’t miss anything more, so encircle us and join the discussion.

Here goes BB´s to the LEDLager page on Google+

We look forward to you