Lenovo Thinkpad X 1 Carbon: Feather-Light Ultrabook In The Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

1 carbon is the notebook thinkpad x fast and durable. Therefore it is advisable above all as a compact office companion. His display shows crisp content such as photos and videos hot, if also somewhat pale. But due to the anti-reflective coating of the screen. The hammer: with its weight of only 1,192 grams it is among the lightest notebook ever ideal for daily transport from a to b. And thanks to built-in lte module 14 can be with zöller even mobile surfing the internet. Best price on the internet: 1,729.00 euro * per order this product at amazon very high pace of work sharp, brilliant display of long battery life very light weight soft, memory expandable wireless-ac, lte module cons for elaborate games built unsuitable under full load some high heat at the bottom mark of editor 2.23 good users rating now the laptops from the thinkpad rate-x 1 series are no bargain. You should not convince little weight and spacious facilities with plenty of power, about the price. 1 carbon creates lenovo the x windows-10 model? The detailed test by computer clears that image.

Lenovo thinkpad x 1 carbon: product photos

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Chic packaging

as the name of the product implies, the x is 1 in a chic black carbon casing, which is characterised by a high torsional stiffness. The screen is firmly installed, works out but up to 180 degrees backwards. So, the notebook can be lay flat on the table. Tip: thanks to carbon housing the x 1 weighs only 1,192 grams a very good value for a 14-inch notebook. A pity that the power supply is so hard (364 grams).

Great display, plenty of power

but the x has a really good display 1 carbon: it shows photos and videos in 16:9-format with 2560 x 1440 pixels pretty hot and it has a slightly matt surface. This ensures less reflections makes colors appear but slightly paler than when not anti-glare screens. Class: the x 1 works with a strong skylake processor. The intel core i7-6500u is a real top model fast and energy-saving. Together with a snappy ssd, it ensures a very high pace of work. For complex games, the power not enough the built-in graphics card. Even with reduced resolution (1366 x 768) calculated at current directx 11 games only seven frames per second. Only older directx 9 games were reasonably liquid across the screen.

Video on the subject

Almost 2,000 euros will be due for the lenovo thinkpad x 1 carbon, but that the manufacturer promises too much. The test checks what is on it. Lenovo thinkpad x 1 carbon in the test: high end dream of carbon?

Quiet and much endurance

good: the fan of the x 1 carbon remained mostly pretty quiet, video watching, he turned in a whisper mode. Only under full load, the fan noise (1.8 sone) was disturbed. The battery of the carbon has hung much steam: when working, the screen remained after four hours and 37 minutes black, video playback was after four hours and 18 minutes end. Also good: the comparatively short time of one hour and 56 minutes.

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Little software, otherwise much about it?

the x 1 is an elegant notebook, but software equipped lenovo too: as standard, there is only windows 10 in the pro version, everything else will cost extra. The hardware is clearly more generous: the tested trim level has a 256-gigabyte ssd and 8 gigabytes of memory. If you want, you can order a larger ssd. Up to 1 terabyte are possible. And the memory can be expanded also.