Motorola Continues to Mark The Best Line of The Bracket after Sales, and Your Moto Z Is Already Receiving 7.0 Android

It seems that the arrival of Lenovo and its final takeover in front of Motorola will not change the most basic strategies from the American manufacturer, that since its passage through the bowels of Google had already marked the post-sales support and updates of Android as a priority to retain its users.

Something is of which we are pleased, although the intentions of major manufacturers sometimes are just that, intentions. In this case, Lenovo and Motorola preach by example, and if a couple of months ago announced as devices that would update to 7.0 Android Nougat today Reddit users make us partakers of the arrival of 7.0 Android Moto z.

The greatest exponent of the Motorola catalog becomes, certainly the first smartphone on the market that was already on sale and is officially upgraded to the new version of Android.

For now, it seems that only versions Droid of the Z Moto and Moto Z Force, models specially designed for the operator Verizon in the United States, are receiving the update, that package with code NCL26.86-11 weighs 1.5 GB and it takes half an hour to settle.

However, the arrival of this update It is the certainty that builds to our markets may be very close from being released, smartphones are almost identical except for module radio for connectivity to mobile networks.

Many new features and support for Daydream VR

Long-awaited update to Android 7.0 Nougat includes numerous new features, obviously all that Google has included in its latest revision of Android, including the new multi-tasking and the quick settings menu customization, as well as the new interface of the operating system with Pixel Launcher.

Another good news is the support for the platform of virtual reality of Google, Daydream VR, which becomes the best smartphones from Motorola with this update allowing the use of goggles Daydream that Google is beginning to distribute.

Currently there are no news concerning the arrival of Android 7.0 to other smartphones from Motorola, as the range G4 Moto or Moto Z Play, but surely in the next few weeks we will be taking news from the American manufacturer, who wants to be among the first to update its terminals.

Remember that the new Motorola’s high demands are already available in Spain, Moto Z a significantly cheaper price of 629 euros and the Moto Z Play: 415 EUR.

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