New Rumors Are Running a Galaxy S8 No Minijack and Super Screen AMOLED of The Galaxy S2

Though a problem may be to many users (I include myself in this group), it seems that our beloved headset connector It has the months, at least when we are talking about smartphones. More than one you surprised when the Moto Z, given their extreme thinness, it dispensed of the adorable minijack, but we didn’t know that this would still be.

Certain Lenovo terminal is not the first, but somehow became the beginning of a kind of fashion that some models would stop along the way to our jack 3, 5 mm. Seems to be that Samsung will not use the headset jack in its future flagship.

One of the reasons why this absence would be is increase the space for a greater battery, Although in that most would have to focus on putting a cockpit for the battery that leaves space for mechanical swelling, as we explained yesterday. In addition, this would mean that type C USB port would be used to connect also headphones.

QHD display without Pentile matrix

Does anyone remember the Samsung Galaxy S2? One of the most remarkable things is that He was the first to use a Super AMOLED Plus display, which was the Pentile matrix. Onwards, as smartphones are concerned, never turned to know this technology, being replaced by the Super AMOLED.

Very summary, the Pentile matrix have two sub-pixels per pixel, being green broker (RGBG) or white (RGBW), i.e., a couple is red and green, this is blue and green or white, and so all the time. The main drawback is its loss of detail to other screens with RGB matrix.

The Super AMOLED Plus screen eliminates the Pentile matrix to meet with groups of 3 subpixel (RGB), which put the veteran Galaxy S2 as a single terminal on your screen (by the fact of using Super AMOLED Plus instead of normal Super AMOLED). Six years later, This technology may return to life in the Galaxy S8 According to Sammobile.

The resolution would still be 2K instead of the initially rumored 4 K, but with the return of the Super AMOLED Plus (if they continue to call it so) could earn some definition to the AMOLED Pentile matrix (ten | ga the “fourth” subpixel rectangular shape or diamond, as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge).

Given that an RGB display would spend more power that a Pentile, Samsung would use a new material, which not only would require less energy, but would increase the useful life of the screen. At the moment we must take it as what they are, rumors, but if true, more than one future user of this terminal could be happy.