Numbers Red for Nokia, But Better Than Estimated

Nokia has made public its financial results for the third quarter of this year, and the continuing critical situation for a company that has led the market for so many years, but not so disastrously as some estimated.

Smartphones sales have fallen by 38% with respect to the same period of last year, and the benefits they have declined by 60%, but it is interesting to see how sales in this period were not catastrophic, with 8.980 billion euros (3% less than the previous quarter).

The positive point is found, although it sounds contradictory, in losses, with 71 million euros. It’s a number considerable, but much better than suffered in the previous quarter, with 487 million euros.

Entering units sold, Nokia has put on the market 106.6 million telephones, and 16.8 million Smartphones. This second figure was a surprise to analysts, who estimated 15.9 million smart phones.

Glancing at the division by regions, we see that the largest revenue bump is located on the European continent, real bastion of the Finnish company. Remain something better in Asia and China, and in North America it is practically testimonial, we’ll see if Windows Phone helps them entering this market.

Currently Nokia is the third manufacturer of Smartphones globally, according to the data of the third quarter, behind Samsung (expected around 20 million) and Apple, which announced that it reached 17.1 million iPhones.

The benefits were also affected by the average sales price of the phones of Nokia, reduced both Smartphones and featurephones. NAVTEQ and Nokia Siemens Networks divisions raised its profits over the previous year, although they still record losses.

Although it is not a fact that appears in the tables, the good performance in sales of models is especially interesting Dual SIM in the third quarter, emerging markets. 18 million units of this type of phones have been sold.

For the next quarter are expected best results thanks to the arrival of phones with Symbian Belle, and especially by the terminals with Windows Phone 7. We look forward to the Nokia World 2011 in the coming week for more details of the strategy.