One in Three Americans Believes Erroneously That Your Mobile Is 4G

While here we are still undergoing tests with LTE networks, in the United States have more than a problem of nomenclature with 4G networks. A recent study by the consulting firm Retrevo shows that consumers on the other side of the pond is not only aren’t quite sure what 4G networks, but that over they believe that their mobile already uses this technology When, in most cases, it is not.

The most clueless are iPhone 4 users. The name of the last terminal of Apple and the fact that the former was the iPhone 3GS induces both bug that the 34% of iPhone 4 users He is convinced that carrying in the Pocket is a 4 G iPhone. Follow them in hear campaigns and not knowing where the users of BlackBerry. The 24% They also believe that their BlackBerry is 4 G when, in reality, there is no terminal’s RIM operating on these networks.

Android thing is more distributed, and is that, at least, some of the terminals with Google’s operating system is 4G, HTC EVO 4G or the Samsung Infuse.

The worst thing is not so much sympathetic users confusing data, but skepticism generalized towards the networks 4 G. the 52% of users believe that the improvement in speed not worth it or that the cost is excessive, and 19% of respondents have no idea of what 4G. That gives a total of 71% of users who do not die just by switching to the new networks.

The operators themselves have much of the blame for this confusion. For starters, each company has made its coat a smock when deciding what called 4 G. There are connections LTE, HSPA + and up to 3G which boast of the 4G name and the difference in speeds between plans ‘ 4G ’ and others is abysmal.

From the Government, proposed by Rep. Anna Eshoo write an act requiring operators to clearly inform What technology they use in their commercial offerings. Until I get the time that Congress put into sidewalk operators, we fear that more than one presumed to use 5 G networks when you buy the next iPhone.