Philippines Attractions and Nightlife

By | May 9, 2022



Luzón is the largest and northernmost of the main islands. The landscape is made up of mountainous regions in the north, a plain in the interior, the lakes and volcanoes of the northern peninsula and the coast with its bays and sandbanks.

Mindanao and the South

At the southwestern tip of Mindanao lies Zamboanga City, often referred to as the most romantic city in the Philippines and a popular vacation spot. The city is known for its sea shells, tropical landscape and flowers. Zamboanga was founded by the Spaniards, the city walls of Fort Pilar from the 17th century are still well preserved. There are excellent hotels in the city; Car rental companies and public transport are available, as well as renting vintas (small colorful sailing boats) and taking a cruise around the bay. At the flea market Islamic ceramics, clothing and brassware are offered. About 2 km from Fort Pilar are the houses of the Badjaos, built on stilts in the water. The so-called water gypsies live in boats in this area and follow the fish to the best fishing grounds. Plaza Pershing and Pasonanca Park are also worth a visit. Santa Cruz Island’s beach turns pink as coral washes ashore from the sea and is suitable for swimming and diving, with masks on or in full gear. There is also an old Muslim cemetery on the island. Davao Province is the industrial center of Mindanao and is particularly known for the export of pearls and bananas. Davao City is the country’s most advanced industrial city. Mount Apo is the highest mountain of these islands and beautiful waterfalls, rapids, forests, fresh water springs and mountain lakes are found throughout the Apo mountain range.

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On Mindanao’s north-west coast is Cagayan de Oro, port of departure for some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. In Bukidnon there are cattle ranches and the famous Del Monte pineapple fields. The hydroelectric power station in Iligan City is powered by the Maria Cristina Falls.

In the province of Lanao del Sur, the Maranaos, a Muslim tribe, live on the shores of Lake Lanao. theMindanao State University, Signal Hill, Sacred Mountain, Torongan Market, the homes of the Maranaos royal family and various mosques are also found along the lake. The local brass craft is mainly concentrated in Tugaua.



Filipino cover bands regularly play in hotels and bars across Asia, and this affinity for music is reflected in the capital Manila’s nightlife – as well as the widespread popularity of karaoke (known as videoke in the Philippines). Manila’s nighttime entertainment is diverse; from visiting the VIP area of ​​an upscale nightclub to a table in a dark bar where a band plays Pinoy (Filipino) rock or folk, anything is possible. Manila’s transvestite revues, some of which are very glamorous, are popular with many tourists. At the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Internet: ph), on the other hand, offers a more intellectual program with ballet and opera performances as well as classical music concerts. The city’s many other theaters and concert halls host performances by local and international artists. On the islands, which are well developed for tourism, the large 5-star hotels offer not only the most modern discotheques, but also folkloric performances and dances, performances by first-class pop stars and artists as well as entertainment bands and classical string ensembles. In most other cities, the evening entertainment offer is rather quiet. In many towns, when the annual celebrations are not taking place, with a bit of luck you will only find one bar where a cover band is playing folk, country or reggae. An exception are the university towns such as Baguio, where live music is played in many places. In addition to Manila, Cebu also has a lively clubber scene.

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