RIM Reduces Production of The BlackBerry PlayBook

We all know that RIM does not nothing going well selling its tablet. The BlackBerry Playbook in the papers is a great product, but some decisions or delays by the people of Waterloo have made this great tablet will simply go into a tailspin. Errors such as not to implement a native email client and the excessive delay in doing that QNX is compatible with Android applications are one of the points against for consumers.

So bad are sales, than the four million units that were sent to produce to Quanta, they have only managed to send 800,000 businesses and those 800,000 units, only 200,000 were able to sell, in its second quarter. Very sad numbers and that RIM could be prevented just by squeezing a little more to his team. Obviously, all this brings queue.

On the floor of Quanta is manufacturing where the BlackBerry Playbook, There is a rumor that it will dismiss more than 1,000 employees just working on the production line of this tablet, even speaks of a compensation of three thousand dollars of this plant employees expected to be laid off. Terrible the situation for workers, is incredible to see how a handful of bad decisions that could have been corrected to affect so many people that they have nothing to do with this.

On the encouraging side, speak in a manner somewhat cold, the consumer is vera benefited from these low sales or rather the failure of RIM, since It is known that they will soon reduce the price almost overreact. Ojala and down as HP did with the TouchPad. I’m hoping to pass something to see if I can have in my possession one of these tablets. If the promised updates, then we may have a great mobile device.