Samsung Could Happen to Nokia and Apple in Smartphone Sales during The Second Quarter

It is work of analysts (Strategy Analytics), and as such should interpret it, but I do not think that they are playing it with the report, since it is quite possible that Samsung exceeds figures from Nokia and Apple in it comes to Smartphones sold.

We are talking about second quarter of the year, in which Nokia It has sold 16.7 million Smartphones and Apple, 20.3 million. Waiting for data from the Korean company, it is likely to be between 18 and 21 million Smartphone. This quarter the thing is going to be pretty tough.

The forecast is shared with other five analysts, and is based on the fact that Android phones are in a period of very strong growth, and Samsung Galaxy S2 has a phone that is selling really fast, and that still did not appear in United States.

Where there will also be a dangerous showdown is in the “ normal phone ”, or featurephones, since they predict that Samsung will reach 20% market share, by 26% of Nokia.

Whatever it is, this quarter is going to be the thing tied, it will be important to know how will be the confrontation in sales at the end of the year, with a new iPhone in the market.

We hope soon to know the official figures to see what are the estimates.