Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Salta Blocking Sales in Germany

The saga of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany appears close to an end, we remind you that the Korean company had to change the appearance of the tablet to pass through the filters set by the courts, and thus consider it different from Apple products.

Known as Galaxy Tab 10.1N It has convinced the Court of Düsseldorf, and considered that the changes are sufficient to differentiate products. This way Apple runs out of new crash expected by the courts.

For the ande lost, we talked again lock that the first version of the tablet got to be locked in their sales by the Court of Düsseldorf on 9 September. The problem was in the design, and is just what you have changed to pass through the hoop.

Once Apple won the initial prohibition, Samsung made a series of changes in the tablet, as the introduction of a finish plated on the edges, the reorganization of some buttons, or changes in the user interface.

“Consumers are aware that there is an original and a few competitors who try to create similar designs, and should be aware of what they buy.” “We do not think that purchased a Samsung tablet think that what has is a product of Apple.”, Brueckner-Hofmann, President of the Court

It is necessary to point the view is preliminary, and the Court will finally decide on February 9, 2012. A war between Samsung and Apple that appears will not end here and has many fronts, such as the Australian, where the tablet was initially banned, but last month could go back on sale.