Sights of Dresden, Germany

By | November 7, 2022

According to, Dresden is a city with approximately one million inhabitants in the east of Germany. The city that used to belong to East Germany is mainly known for its Baroque and Rococo architecture. Despite the fact that the city has suffered major destruction on several occasions, Dresden is still one of the most visited cities in the region. The Altstadt in particular is very popular among tourists. Many of the buildings you see have been partially or almost completely destroyed in the past, after which they have been rebuilt or restored. A fine example of this is the Katholische Hofkirche, which was largely destroyed during bombings on 13 February 1945. It was not until 1965 that this beautiful church was restored to its former state.

Dresden ‘s Top 10 Attractions

#1. Frauenkirche
Although large parts of Dresden were destroyed during the Seven Years and Second World Wars, the city has invested a lot to bring back the look of yesteryear. And this worked. For example, the particularly historic city has rebuilt the Frauenkirche and has even been put back into use since 2005. It is a very beautiful baroque church which has been finished with an eye for detail. The building is identical to its predecessor from the 18th century.

#2. Zwinger
This former palace, which was once part of the Dresden Fort, is now used as a museum. Here you will find the porcelain collection of the influential Dresden family, about 750 antique paintings in the Semper Gallery and the various art collection of the State including several thousand clocks and other mechanical instruments.

#3. Semperoper
The official name for this royal opera is ‘Sächsische Staatsoper’. After the original opera was destroyed by a fire in 1869, followed by the bombing in 1945, efforts were made between 1952 and 1956 to restore it. It was not until 1985 that it became what it once was in 1841 after several adjustments. You will find this impressive building on Theater Square in the historic center of Dresden.

#4. Altmarkt
The square where the 92 meter high Kreuzkirche stands is the most important and busiest square in the city. This Altmarkt is known for its cozy cafes with terraces and shops. Every year the Christmas market ‘Striezelmarkt’ can be found here and the festival ‘Dixieland’ is celebrated here. Behind this square you will also find a large shopping center.

#5. Residenzschloss
This royal palace of the city is located in the historical part. It is the oldest building in Dresden. Today, this palace houses a museum including: a historical museum Green Vault, prints and drawings, the Arsenal and coin collections. The courtyard is used for various events.

#6. Katholische Hofkirche
This Roman Catholic cathedral is located near the Semperoper. The church was built around 1740 under the supervision of the architect Gaetano Chiaveri, who was known at the time as a Baroque master builder. Italian sculptor Lorenzo Mattieli was responsible for the beautiful statues in the church that symbolize hope, faith, love and justice.

#7. Großer Garten
This green heart of the city is almost two square kilometers in size. In the middle of the park is a palace with accompanying palace garden. The royal art collections have been kept in this palace since 1730. Many different festivities and exhibitions can be admired in parts of this palace. If you want to explore the park in a relaxed way, you should definitely take a ride on the Park Railway. You can also take a boat trip on the lake or take a look at the animal meadow.

#8. Brühlsche Terrasse
This special terrace can be found above the banks of the Elbe, north of the Neumarkt. This architectural masterpiece is also known as the balcony of Europe. Various boat trips can be made from the quay and you can see the city from a different side. All of Dresden’s main sights are within walking distance. Think of the Residenzschloss Dresden, the Augustusbrücke, Zwinger, Semperoper and the Hofkirche.

#9. Neumarkt
This market is home to the famous Frauenkirche. Stately buildings can be found around this square, some of which have pastel-like colours. The Frauenkirche immediately stands out due to its baroque appearance and high dimensions. Old and new go well together here. Although new are often reconstructions of old. Good restaurants and hotels can be found around this area.

#10. Cigarette factory Yenidze
The former cigarette factory is notable for its oriental appearance. This was also the choice of the founder and owner Hugo Ziez. He imported tobacco from the Turkish town of Yenidze and then processed it into cigarettes in his own factory. The oriental atmosphere is still used by means of fairy tales that are told under the enchanting glass dome. The building is now part restaurant and part office.

Dresden, Germany