Strong Bet Nokia Windows Phone 7 and Will Leave The United States without Symbian and Nokia N9

Nokia Alliance with Microsoft as technology partners will see results almost immediately in the United States. Before the end of the year, the first terminal of the Espoo equipped with Windows Phone 7 to reach markets media world, including the American who has both resisted him. Why more than enough to make the Finnish multinational has chosen to focus on this platform, eliminating any trace of phone with Symbian on U.S. soil.

It is not surprising, playing at home of his travelling companion, want them having the commercial impulse to try to break into the market as if it were an elephant in a China shop. Nokia intentions are clear and regain market share lost over other competitors something priority, which has led even to cancel your plans of distribution of Nokia N9 in the territory of the United States.

It is ironic that the only terminal manufactured specifically to run platform MeeGo, fruit of the Alliance with Intel in the first dark days of Nordic company, not going to see the light in the country of origin of the firm specializing in semiconductors. In fact, some rumors point to the possibility that the Nokia N9 also see the light on British soil, as it was planned for September 23.

Nokia devices under Symbian OS they were never very popular in the United States, Although the dominant platform that was to start losing market share with the irruption of Android and iOS, mainly to appear in the old continent.

While the finalandeses have promised to offer support and software updates for Symbian phones over the next five years, we fear that this has been a definitive step towards the total abandonment of its platform par excellence.

Until that moment arrives, Nokia will continue with its plans to keep its economic range devices Symbian, leaving the web browsing, chat and other Internet applications within the reach of many pockets of citizens of countries with emerging economies, origin of most of the income obtained by the company in recent years.