Summer Upgrade: Fonic Increased Data Volume

After a long wait the mobile service provider Fonic hurt himself again: future surf both new and existing customers with up to four times as high data volumes at the same price.

Summer surprise by Fonic

This users of the most expensive tariff Fonic all-net get flat 2 gigabyte (GB) volume instead of 500 megabytes (MB), as well as continue to voice and SMS flat rate for the usual 19.95 euro a month in future in all German networks. In the Fonic smart rate increases the data volume by 500 MB to 1.5 GB for continue to 16.95 euros a month. The package includes also the future 500 inclusive units for calls and SMS. The tariff Fonic smart S receives a data volume of 700 instead of 200 MB for the same money. For the total package includes 400 free units, customers pay 9.95 euro in the month. The maximum speed for all tariffs is up to 21.6 Mbit / s over the LTE network of Telefonica Deutschland in the common network of O2 and E-plus. After the volume limit is reached it throttles the speed on GPRS level with up to 32 kbit/s.

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Upgrade for former Lidl tariffs

Also for former Lidl customers there is a volume increase. Owner of a SIM card for one of the earlier Lidl-mobile plans (now Fonic mobile) received an upgrade in three rates: for 7.99 Euro a month package includes smart S future 750 MB instead of 300 MB and 300 free units for voice calls and SMS. Smart in the collective L are henceforth for 12.99 Euros per month in addition to 600 inclusive units 1.5 GB instead of so far 400 MB high speed data volume included. In the allnet-flat rate there is for a price of 19.95 euros in the future 2 GB instead of 500 MB.