SwiftKey Beta Includes a Clipboard Manager and Clips of Pre-Recorded Texts for Improved Productivity

The excellent keyboard for Android SwiftKey continues its development after Microsoft would pay for the $ 250 million, and new products follow the normal flow: first try them in the Beta version, to then pass them to the official channel.

It is there, in SwiftKey Beta where it becomes a new feature very focused productivity: the integration of the Clipboard and text fragments. With this function you can check the last fragments of text you’ve copied to the Clipboard, as well as pre-recorded phrases you use often, ready to quickly insert.

Also with text clips

The Clipboard is now displayed in one additional tab in the options of SwiftKey Beta account, issues and options. SwiftKey will automatically capture the text that you copy to the Clipboard when you install the update, although you can turn off this feature if you want.

SwiftKey Beta does not synchronize the Clipboard into the cloud and just remember those from an hour ago, so don’t you should worry about too much privacy. Even so, decide to disable the Clipboard capture still use this novelty through pre-recorded texts (here called clips).

The clips are pre-recorded texts that you can add directly from the new tab, ready to insert directly into your conversations, and independent from the Clipboard. Very useful if you frequently have to repeat phrases and are tired of writing them over and over again.

SwiftKey BetaVaría depending on the device

  • Developer: SwiftKey
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity