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Copenhagen, Denmark

All over the world, Copenhagen is known as the city of Hans Christian Andersen, so the main symbol of the Danish capital is the Little Mermaid monument. It is the most visited city not only in Denmark, but in all of Scandinavia. It is located on the bay and offers easy access to Stockholm and… Read More »

Attractions in Denmark

Let yourself be enchanted by the Kingdom of Denmark! The island kingdom of Denmark has a coastline of more than 7000 km due to its rugged bays. The 1419 Danish islands are an attraction, some of them barely more than 100 square meters in size. The cultural and economic center of the country is the… Read More »

Denmark Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense According to abbreviationfinder, Denmark is a nation in Northern Europe. Its capital city is Copenhagen. The most current foreign policy issues in Denmark concern how far EU cooperation should be and how new security policy threats, such as international terrorism, should be addressed. In recent years, Russia’s foreign policy has begun… Read More »