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Bordeaux, France Overview

Bordeaux – The wine town in the French west Bordeaux is what you would call a polyglot city. Especially in the St. Michel quarter, many people from the south, such as Spaniards and Portuguese, or from further afield, such as black Africans and Arabs, have found their new home here. Abbreviated as BDX by Abbreviationfinder,… Read More »

Hotels For Valentine’s Day

Soon it will be that time again: Valentine’s Day, the day of all lovers, is just around the corner. Some of you love it, while others get a cold chill when they think of the kitschy heart decorations that can already be bought on every corner. But how about using this day as an occasion… Read More »

France Defense and Foreign Policy

2019 December France demands the release of imprisoned academics by Iran December 27 The French Foreign Ministry calls on the Iranian ambassador to protest the abduction of two French academics, one of whom has launched a hunger strike. France demands that both academics, who have been imprisoned since June, be released. The academics are accused… Read More »