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Entertainment and Attractions in Santorini, Greece

The first settlements on Santorini appeared in 3000 BC. e., and who knows how many ancient monuments would have survived to this day, if not for the powerful volcanic eruption that flooded most of the archipelago. But there are already enough sights on the island, and it is better to start acquaintance with them in… Read More »

Greece Population Statistical Data

If we consider only the absolute data of the overall population of the Greek state, it must be recognized that it has had a very large increase in the past century: in large part, it is true, due to subsequent acquisitions of new territories, but in part also precisely due to the high value of… Read More »

Greece History – From the Lamia War to the Ipso War Part II

Polypercon, whose power was wavering, tried to consolidate it by appealing in Greece to a policy completely opposite to that followed by his predecessor, that is, proclaiming the freedom of Greek cities and re-establishing democracy there. The class and party struggles then burned terribly in the peninsula and there was no lack of victims, including… Read More »

Sights in Chalkidiki

Not only are the numerous Greek islands a popular holiday destination, the Chalkidiki peninsula is also playing an increasingly important role with tourists. It is a region in the north of Greece known for its three finger-like headlands. In addition to great beaches, there are also beautiful places and cultural highlights to discover on Chalkidiki.… Read More »

Greece Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense According to abbreviationfinder, Greece is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Athens. Greek foreign policy is mainly characterized by relations with Turkey and the EU. After a period of some relaxation in relation to the arch-rivals Turkey, tensions have increased since the end of the 2010s. Relations with… Read More »