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Greece Population Statistical Data

If we consider only the absolute data of the overall population of the Greek state, it must be recognized that it has had a very large increase in the past century: in large part, it is true, due to subsequent acquisitions of new territories, but in part also precisely due to the high value of… Read More »

Greece History – From the Lamia War to the Ipso War Part II

Polypercon, whose power was wavering, tried to consolidate it by appealing in Greece to a policy completely opposite to that followed by his predecessor, that is, proclaiming the freedom of Greek cities and re-establishing democracy there. The class and party struggles then burned terribly in the peninsula and there was no lack of victims, including… Read More »

Sights in Chalkidiki

Not only are the numerous Greek islands a popular holiday destination, the Chalkidiki peninsula is also playing an increasingly important role with tourists. It is a region in the north of Greece known for its three finger-like headlands. In addition to great beaches, there are also beautiful places and cultural highlights to discover on Chalkidiki.… Read More »

Greece Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense According to abbreviationfinder, Greece is a nation in Southern Europe. Its capital city is Athens. Greek foreign policy is mainly characterized by relations with Turkey and the EU. After a period of some relaxation in relation to the arch-rivals Turkey, tensions have increased since the end of the 2010s. Relations with… Read More »